Lift At Home 2

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Introducing Lift at Home 2

If you enjoyed Lift at Home 1 and are looking for more effective training sessions to do from home, Lift at Home 2 is for you.

 Lift at Home 2 includes: 

  • 12 weeks of workouts 

  • 4 workouts per week 

  • exercise demonstrations 

  • templates to track your progress 

Get instant access to Lift at Home for only $29 USD

Total Value = $267 USD (three months of at-home programs)
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Can I do this program if I haven’t done Lift at Home 1 yet? 

Absolutely. While this is intended for those who have completed all 12 weeks of Lift at Home 1 and are ready to progress, you are welcome to skip Lift at Home 1 entirely and start with this one.

I notice you said that you don’t need any gym equipment to do this program, but I have a couple of dumbbells. Is that okay?

 Of course! Use dumbbells and other weights you have at your disposal if you can. And for those of you who don’t, load up a sturdy backpack or duffel bag with books, sealed bottled of water, canned goods, and other dense items you already have at home. You’d be surprised at how heavy of a makeshift weight you can create with a bit of creativity.  

Are the exercises the same as Lift at Home 1? 

While there are many variations of the fundamental movement patterns – which, truthfully, should be the foundation of any sound training program – there are certainly new exercises that were not included in Lift at Home 1.

What if there’s an exercise I don’t know how to do?

Every exercise in the program is linked to an exercise demo that shows you how the movement should look, plus there are step-by-step instructions and tips provided as well.

Are the workouts apartment-friendly? 

They sure are! There are no jumping exercises or other plyometrics included in the program in any way, so you won’t be a nuisance to your downstairs neighbors. 

I consider myself a pretty advanced lifter. Is this still for me?

Having a structured training program to follow is certainly better than simply winging your workouts. As long as you are able to put together heavy enough weights for yourself at home, you are good to go. These sessions were designed by Sohee herself, and she wrote them in a way such that she herself (with 13.5 years of lifting under her belt) would happily follow these workouts if she found herself with zero traditional gym equipment access. You can also perform the exercises at the higher end of the prescribed rep ranges to add more of a challenge.

Does this program come with coaching support?

The Lift at Home programs are intended to be DIY, meaning that you are to complete them on your own and no coaching support is provided. If you’re looking for another budget-friendly option that does include ongoing support from the ELT Method coaches in a private Facebook community, you might considerLift with Sohee, which includes group strength training workouts that are updated every month. 

Do I have to pay monthly for this program?

Once you pay the fee of $29 USD, there are no other fees involved. You also have access to the program indefinitely.