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Eat.Lift.Thrive Training Journal – Grey



This new journal is in landscape mode to allow you more room to write in your lifts.

Track your progress, both mental and physical, in this handy journal to level up your training.

Features include:

  • 12 different programs’/months’ worth of space
    each “month” allows for up to 5 workouts/week, 8 exercises per session, and 6 weeks of tracking
  • columns to denote the exercise sets x reps, and rest period
  • space to note the warmup, any cardio/conditioning, and a notes section each month

*This journal is printed on-demand and shipped from a third-party provider, so we ask you to note that we are not in control of shipping and printing windows, or any delays that may occur with your order. Generally, you should allow 3-5 business days for the journal to be printed, and another 6-7 business days for shipping in the States. For international orders, printing and shipping times may vary. Note that COVID-19 rules and regulations may also impact fulfillment timelines. In addition, if you place an order with multiple items (eg: a shirt and a journal), they will be shipped separately.*

Refund Policy – Because they are custom printed, please pay close attention to your order (eg: don’t place double orders & ensure correct shipping address) as we are unable to cancel or modify orders once we have received payment. No refunds will be given.

A: You can refer to the guide above, but keep in mind that we do not have control over this process and it’s subject to change due to COVID regulations.

A: No, because we are not shipping this item ourselves, a shipping confirmation will not come from us.

A: As we noted above, if you place an order that includes additional merchandise, it will be shipped separately. The journal is custom-printed and has shipping points around the world. However, our other merchandise is housed in the States and will ship from here. You will not get your items in the same package.

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