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Here is what you get with 1-1 Coaching with the ELT Method

Custom monthly fitness training program

Private check-ins with your coach

Practical workout demos

Customized nutrition program (habits and/or macro/calorie recommendations)

Unlimited in-portal messaging support

Personalized coaching approach with behavior change & mindset emphasis

What Is The ELT Method?

The ELT Method was developed by me, Sohee Carpenter, and stands for:

Eat. Lift. Thrive.

I literally wrote the book on it. My science-backed and experience-driven signature method promotes a fitness journey that women will actually enjoy. So you can eat healthy, exercise gently, and be happy.

I’m not saying it will be easy. In fact, my team and I require
a 3-month commitment from all clients.

But I am saying it will be GREAT.

Nutrition Coaching

FROM $139 USD Per Month

for 12-Month Membership

Training + Nutrition Coaching

FROM $189 USD Per Month

for 12-Month Membership

Workout HEARTer, Not Harder.

Even if you’ve been in the gym for years, The ELT Method can help you overcome a limiting mindset and improve lifestyle habits without sacrificing the joy of the journey or your favorite treats.

effective, sustainable

any mental blocks that
have held you back

the foods you love while still
hitting your fitness goals

the body that matches the
life you want to live.

& maintain new healthy
eating behaviors

supported & encouraged
every step of the way

Nutrition Coaching

FROM $139 USD Per Month

for 12-Month Membership

Training + Nutrition Coaching

FROM $189 USD Per Month

for 12-Month Membership

They did it — and so can you.

Having you as my coach to prescribe me macros and exercise plans to follow really helps me stay on track and keeps me motivated! Best investment I’ve made.

Nuvi P.

I am very pleased with the mental and physical progress I’m making. I enjoy the strength gains, but I like the mental gains even better! The mental progress I’ve made is priceless and so liberating.

Sara R.

The flexibility has been fantastic and my stress in regards to my nutrition has been so manageable.

Devin P.

Meet Your Coaches

Sohee Carpenter


Sohee Carpenter is the founder and head coach at SoheeFit Systems, LLC.
Sohee has been coaching in the virtual realm since 2012 and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She offers multiple online fitness services and is the author of 2017’s Eat.Lift.Thrive along with several additional e-books. She has a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University and an M.S. in Psychology from Arizona State University. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association with Distinction (NSCA-CSCS,*D). Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in sports science through the distance program at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and is serving as the Fitness Advisor for Women’s Health magazine. Her methods are evidence-based and her focus is on achieving sustainable results with her clients while allowing them to live their everyday life as well as educating the general public on fitness-related research. You can learn more about her at her website at or her Instagram and YouTube.
Get to know her better on Instagram: @soheefit

Rachel Pendakur


Rachel Pendakur lives in San Diego, CA, and has been a coach on the ELT Method team since 2019. Rachel started strength training on a whim in high school and was immediately hooked, kicking off an ongoing love of getting stronger in the gym. Although her first experiences in the weight room were overwhelmingly positive, she noted substantial challenges through her college years and early 20s as she maneuvered diet culture messaging and her relationship with food and exercise. Her struggles ultimately reignited her love for strength training and prompted her to continue learning and teaching. Now, she is passionate about educating and partnering with individuals who want to reach and sustain their goals with a comprehensive view of health in mind, no matter their fitness level. Rachel holds an M.A. in Psychological Science, and her research areas of interest have centered heavily on health psychology as well as behavior change and adherence to health-promotion behaviors. From both research and practice, Rachel knows that people most often need help with behavior change execution, whether they want to focus their coaching on a physique goal, performance goal, body image work, or simply on general health improvements and quality of life. She firmly believes that fitness should be a positive addition to your life; not an all-consuming endeavor. Her coaching approach emphasizes client autonomy, and sustainable change supporting long-term benefits. In addition to hitting the gym in her free time, she also loves to try new San Diego restaurants, go on walks and hikes, or just relax with her dog and a good book. Certifications & Training: NSCA-CSCS, CPCC, GGS-1, Binge Eating Essentials for Health Professionals (BBE), Behavior Change & MI (Stages of Change), B.A. Music, B.A. Psychology Get to know her better on Instagram: @rpendakur

Natalie Fay


Natalie Fay was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she still calls home today with her husband and three children. She has her Master of Science (M.S.) in Exercise Science, with a concentration in health and wellness. While attending the University of South Florida in 2019, Natalie had the opportunity to be involved in research and focused on the scientific evidence surrounding fat loss, body composition, and the psychological aspects of exercise. It was in 2014, five years prior, that she started traditional strength training after decades of a tumultuous relationship with her body and exercise. Throughout her younger life, Natalie was heavily involved in dance, ballet, running, yoga, and kickboxing. After struggling with body image and confidence issues, it was strength training that changed her life and she decided it was her purpose to help change the lives of others. Natalie initially competed in NPC bikini bodybuilding division, but quickly realized the dangers of this approach and way of life. Now she approaches training and nutrition in a sustainable manner, just as she does with her clients. In 2022, Natalie became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS) after becoming a certified personal trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) in 2019. Through real-life experience and education, Natalie is committed to being an integral part of a person’s journey toward sustainable change. As a busy mom of 3 herself, she very much understands how fitness should be practical and flexible. In addition to getting stronger, training has played an important role in her hypothyroidism and PCOS management. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, two pups, and crazy cat. Get to know her better on Instagram: @natalie_fay__

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