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Year of Strength 2023

Year of Strength is the third iteration of Sohee’s self-paced, 12-month
strength training program.

Designed for intermediate to advanced lifters with a working knowledge of compound movement patterns, Year of Strength takes the guesswork out of your strength training with an entire year of strategic workouts.

With 2, 3, and 4x/week training frequencies — and the option to train from home, a fully outfitted commercial gym, or a combination of both — this program will keep you on track towards your fitness goals no matter what life throws your way.

This is the same program that Sohee and her Lift With Sohee members completed in 2022.

Ready to join our ranks? Grab your lifetime copy of this full color, 300+ page PDF for just $69 USD. That’s less than $4.50 per month for an entire year of training!

Buy Year of Strength 2022 and 2023 Bundle for only $96

A self-paced strength 24-Month Training Program for less than $3.50/ month.

Frequently Asked Questions

No ongoing coaching support is provided with this product, which is what allows Sohee to keep the product affordable. If you’d like extra accountability or support, we’d recommend Lift With Sohee, a subscription-based online group strength training program, for more personalized guidance.

Absolutely! Year of Strength 2023 is designed for anyone who wants to get stronger, change their body composition, and feel healthier and more confident. Please note that physique goals like fat loss and muscle gain require evaluation and ongoing monitoring of your daily nutrition, which is not a component of this program. If you’d like personalized guidance with nutrition, consider purchasing a custom nutrition consult to accompany Year of Strength 2023.

When you purchase Year of Strength 2023, you’ll have access to 2x/week, 3x/week, and 4x/week training frequencies for both home and gym.

The 2x/week program features full body workouts, while the 3x/week program features one lower body day, one upper body day, and one full body day.

The new 4x/week frequency is a more traditional split, with two lower body days and two upper body days.

You can swap training frequencies from month to month (or even week to week) as needed. Life happens, and this program is designed to make training accessible no matter what you have going on.

The workouts in the 3x/week and 4x/week programs take most people 45-60 minutes to complete. The workouts in the 2x/week, full body program generally take anywhere from 60-70 minutes to complete.

You bet! Each month, you’ll find a new dynamic warm-up designed specifically for that month’s workouts.

If you come across an exercise you can’t do because of physical limitations, equipment availability, or personal preference, please check the ‘Notes’ column of the workout for alternatives. If no alternative is provided, you’re welcome to do a different exercise within the same movement pattern category. Remember: there is no single exercise you must do.

Every exercise in the program is linked to a video demo with step-by-step instructions as well as a looping GIF. Make sure to review both before executing any movement you’re unfamiliar with.

Combining Year of Strength 2023 with another lifting program is not recommended. The Year of Strength 2023 workouts take total training volume into consideration, so performing additional sessions may be counterproductive to overall progress and recovery. If you’d like to do cardio or other forms of physical activity outside of this program, you’re welcome to do so! Just make sure you’re paying attention to your recovery levels, and scale back as needed.

Everyone’s strength levels are different. What feels heavy to one person may feel light for another. For all exercises, select a weight that feels challenging, but still allows you to fall within the target repetition range. Expect some trial and error during the first week as you identify the most appropriate loads for you. And don’t sweat it — it’s all part of the process.

You will need a variety of dumbbells and resistance bands (continuous loop or with handles, and mini-bands) in order to get the most out of the home version of this program. You can also get creative and use common household implements to fashion makeshift weights. If you have no access to equipment, the Lift at Home Program (which has no equipment requirements), might be a better fit.

Nope! Once you pay the one-time fee of $69 USD, you’ll have lifetime access to Year of Strength 2023. Make sure to download the program to your device after purchasing.

Year of Strength 2023 is a downloadable PDF with hyperlinks to all exercises.

Year of Strength 2023 is a compilation of the Lift with Sohee workouts from 2022, packaged into a single PDF. It contains new training frequencies (2x, 3x, and 4x/week), and video demos and GIFs for every exercise.

Year of Strength 2.0 is a compilation of the Lift with Sohee workouts from 2021, packaged into a single PDF. It contains a 2x/full body option and a 3-4x/week lower/upper/full body option with an optional 4th day.

The original Year of Strength with Sohee is a compilation of the Lift with Sohee workouts from 2020. This version only has one training frequency (3-4x/week).

Year of Strength 2023 is a compilation of the Lift with Sohee workouts from 2022. If you were a member of Lift with Sohee during that time, you’ve already completed these workouts and should have access to the PDFs you received via email.

If you were only a member for a few months and want the rest of the workouts, this is a great way to get them.

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