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How to Conquer Trigger Foods

This is a post that I wrote together with my colleague Georgie Fear. Georgie is a registered dietitian and nutrition coach whose interests align closely with mine. Find her on Facebook and Instagram and check her out at her coaching website!  How many of you have foods that you try to steer clear from because you know – you just […]

Content Theft is Real, and It’s Happening Now More Than Ever

It seems that in the past few months, the tide has turned in the fitness industry. On the plus side, infographics have been spreading like wildfire, and with good reason – they’re a simple, easy way to communicate information and teach the public. On the other hand, however, the theft that has stemmed from this has spiraled out of control. The plagiarism and […]

Physique Science Radio Episode 1: Introduction

Hi everyone, I’ll be continuing with the podcast transcriptions for those of you who prefer to read rather than listen. This one’s the very first Physique Science Radio episode from waaaay back when. Funny, I was still living in New York City during this recording. Oh how times have changed! Nevertheless, re-reading everything here, I can assure you the content is […]


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