Client Transformation: C.D.

I want to share with you some progress pictures from one of my group coaching clients, C.D.

When she first signed up with me, C.D. actually wasn’t eating very much — likely around 1200 Calories per day based off of her dietary records. She was lifting weights two days a week and performing steady-state cardio three days a week.

C.D.'s 6-month transformation (back)

Over the past six months, C.D. did the following under my guidance:

  • lifted heavy weights 4x/week with an emphasis on compound movements (squats, deadlifts, bench press, hip thrust/glute bridge)
  • performed just one high intensity interval training (HIIT) session per week
  • performed zero steady-state cardio
  • utilized a flexible dieting, macros-based approach that put no foods off limits

The total amount of time she spent in the gym totaled no more than five hours a week. I believe that, especially if you’re a recreational exerciser, no fitness endeavor is worth compromising your quality of life for.

We started her nutrition intake at the high end of dieting Calories and have only had to shave off 175 Calories in the past six months to see continued progress.

As we all know, dietary adherence is absolutely paramount, particularly when it comes to fat loss.

And while C.D.s’ adherence wasn’t perfect, she was consistently good enough in her behaviors, and over time she was able to slowly and steadily chip away at her bodyfat.

She now looks a good deal leaner and is much more athletic looking, as evidenced by her photos. (And as a coach, I can truly, truly appreciate that she took both sets of pictures in the same outfit.) I especially love how her back is starting to come in.

Lifting heavy weights made her bulky? Not even a little bit.

The combination of proper nutrition, a sound resistance training program, and the right attitude is what got her to her goal.

She writes in her latest checkin to me:

It has been such an exciting journey albeit an exercise in patience, persistence and perseverance. I still feel like I have a LONG way to go but am truly humbled at what my body’s been able to do without feeling like I have to deprive myself and beat myself up with hours and hours of working out.

I’m turning 40 in May and am so excited about putting in the hard work and watching my body & mind transform.

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