5 Ways Your Brain is Sabotaging Your Fitness

Building your best body takes hard work. But hard work with the wrong mindset can actually leave you further away from where you want to be. This list is where real fat-loss progress begins!

In the quest to become lean, we obsess over minutiae. We tinker with meal timing down to the minute, or find ourselves wondering with embarrassing earnestness whether we’ll achieve better results from sets of six squats rather than five. We Google “Kale or broccoli?” and angrily debate with our fellow fitness comrades over which cardio modality is the only one worth following.

There’s nothing wrong with these discussions, but let’s be clear: When progress halts, it’s not a certain rep or vegetable that made it happen. It’s usually something bigger: your mindset.

In fact, I would argue that going into any fat-loss program with the right mindset is far more important than any particular protocol you follow.

Which of the following fallacies are holding you back right now?

Find out here.