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The Beginner’s Guide
to Lifting Weights
for Women

Everything you need to know to be confident in the weight room!

Hello there and welcome – I’m happy to see you here!

I bet you’ve made your way over because, at some point, you’ve thought about your health and fitness and considered stepping into a gym. Maybe. One day.

Sets? Reps? What are those? I hear you.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated at stepping foot into the weights section of the gym, this course is for you.

If you’ve ever looked at a program and wondered if it was written in a foreign language, this course is for you.

If you’ve ever looked longingly at a barbell with the big plates and wished that someday, somehow, you’d be the one lifting it, this course is definitely for you.

Are you ready? Let’s do this together!

I’m on a mission to get dumbbells and barbells into the hands of every woman.

I’m creating a movement that will inspire you, empower you, and give even the true beginner the building blocks they need. You’ll learn movement patterns, exercise cues, how to navigate your way around the gym floor, and more. This is the type of information that may take you years in the gym to pick up (and maybe after some misinformation or mishaps along the way). Avoid the confusion and start your journey on the right foot with all the information you need right in this course.

Do you hate the treadmill but think it’s the only way to burn calories? Spinning your wheels (literally) at spin class and not seeing an ounce of definition? Don’t get me wrong, running and spinning are great activities, and even better if you truly enjoy them, but cardio alone is highly unlikely to yield the body composition changes that you’re looking for. Whether your goal is to gain muscle, shed body fat, increase strength, or optimize your quality or life, strength training should be a mainstay in your fitness regimen.

The Beginner’s Guide to Lifting Weights for Women is going to break down all of the essential information you need to walk in and own your fitness journey. I’ll start with a foundation of why you should prioritize strength training. I’ll cover the specific movement patterns, how to use gym equipment, and give you the confidence to walk into ANY gym and execute an effective workout.

Complete with over 60 instructional videos and 600 exercise demos, this course is comprehensive and will give you the knowledge you need.

As a bonus, you will also receive 3 sets of training programs to get you started. We include a 2 day per week 12-week training schedule for the gym, a 3 day per week 12-week training schedule for the gym, and an additional 4-week home workout program using common household items you probably already have lying around.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Lifting Weights for Women


Why strength train?

Learning objectives

Introduction to the Weight Room

Safety first

What’s what in the gym

Gym etiquette

Equipment tips and tricks

Movement Patterns

Squat pattern

This course is designed to take you from a complete novice in strength training to a knowledgeable gym attendee who can perform exercises with proper form and confidence.

You can complete this course in the comfort of your home, on your commute, or anywhere that you get WiFi – it’s that easy! Go at your own pace, jump around from module to module, and take your time – this course will never expire.

Once completed, you’re encouraged to download the monthly programs and start your strength training journey. You can read below what some of my clients have to say about what strength training did for them.

Remember, we were all a beginner at one point!

Get started now!

A word from happy clients…

Initially, Sohee’s extensive background, training, and certifications in the fitness industry lead me to her. However, after beginning to work with her I was drawn to so much more. Sohee is truly a fitness professional who puts others first. Her thorough training allows her to be creative and modify exercises based on individual needs. Sohee helped me perfect my lifting form and has developed effective custom workout plans that work around my injuries while still helping me progress towards my goals. Her expertise in lifting has really shined when I’ve read through her programs and have seen the variety in exercises, equipment, and rep ranges that she incorporates. I feel that her passion to help women be comfortable and confident in weight lifting has pushed her to continue to learn herself, keeping her current on the latest fitness research. She’s a leading professional in the industry and after working with her, it is clear why!

Nikki B.
Coaching Client

To put it simply, I think this course is absolutely genius! THIS is what I’ve been waiting for, when family and friends ask me how to start lifting weights. Sohee easily explains every little detail that would make anyone feel confident entering into the weight room. Even if you’re not a beginner, there’s still an abundant number helpful tips that can help improve your technique and time spent at the gym. I just wish this product was available six years ago, when I first started out. It would’ve saved me a lot of time, money, and stress!

Torie G.
Lift with Sohee Member

After years of doing circuit training, I was hesitant to start lifting heavier weights and eating more than 1200 calories a day. But, I was exasperated by my lack of results and figured that if it didn’t work out, I could always go back to what I was doing before. To this day, reaching out to Sohee was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It is through her research-based coaching methods that I went from eating 75g of carbs a day to 330g of carbs with a fraction of the exercise. I now lift 3-4x a week and do 20 min of cardio 2x a week. She taught me to let go of my fear of food and embrace strength training. I wholeheartedly trust Sohee’s expertise. She is someone with a wealth of integrity and never compromises on the quality of her service. Sohee’s methods completely transformed my life.

Marie S.
Coaching Client

Your Instructor



Sohee Lee is the founder and head coach at SoheeFit Systems, LLC.
Sohee has been coaching in the virtual realm since 2012 and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She offers multiple online fitness services and is the author of 2017’s Eat.Lift.Thrive along with several additional e-books. She has a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University and an M.S. in Psychology from Arizona State University. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association with Distinction (NSCACSCS,*D). Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in sports science through the distance program at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and is serving as the Fitness Advisor for Women’s Health magazine. Her methods are evidence-based and her focus is on achieving sustainable results with her clients while allowing them to live their everyday life as well as educating the general public on fitness-related research. You can learn more about her at her website at or her Instagram and YouTube.
Get to know her better on Instagram: @soheefit

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