Behavior & Habits Consult

A huge part of the eat. lift. thrive message is that fitness should revolve around your life, not the other way around. Sohee truly believes that quality of life is of the utmost importance, and wants to help as many people as possible understand and implement that philosophy in their own lives. Additionally, when it comes to successfully accomplishing your goals, it’s about far more than simply wanting to do it or having the relevant knowledge; you need to have a specific, personalized step-by-step process for how you’re going to get there.

 The one-time Behavior & Habits Consult service is a helpful stepping stone for those who are struggling to know what behaviors and habits to implement for themselves and would like professional help in this area. Note that this is not an ongoing coaching relationship, but rather, a one-off service.

  • This service is suitable for a beginner to intermediate level of comfort with nutrition (if you have a nutrition-related goal) as well as those who are looking to make long-term strides with their health. This is not a strictly macros-based nutrition plan but rather is focused more on implementing the right daily health behaviors customized to you.
  • Please note that it is not necessary to purchase both a Behavior & Habits Consult and a Macro Consult. 
  • You do not have to have experience tracking macros, nor is it required that you track them post-consult unless requested by you or deemed appropriate by Sohee.
  • Please note that this is not a meal plan service.
  • There are no ongoing check-ins with this option as it is not a coaching relationship.  
  • This is not intended to diagnose or treat an eating disorder. If you suffer from an eating disorder, please seek the aid of a qualified professional.


Q: Can I use this consult for any goal I have in mind?

The Behavior & Habits Consult is intended for those with health-related goals. For example, perhaps you want to improve your overall diet, shed body fat, or become a regular exerciser. You’ve come to the right place!

Q: How will I give Sohee my information?

A: After payment, you’ll receive a PDF that you will download. This PDF contains a link to a detailed questionnaire to fill out. Note that you’ll need to include your measurements and recent progress pictures so that Sohee can write your consult, as well as other detailed information. Please set aside 15-20 minutes to fill this out.

Q: When do I get my Behavior & Habits Consult?

A: You will get a confirmation email which lets you know the date you can expect to receive your consult, which is 5 (five) business days after successful submission of your form. Any information that is missing will result in a delay of your program, so please make sure you take the time to answer all the questions fully. Sohee is located in California and so consults are sent at the end of the day PST time. For those of you in other time zones, this may not be your end of day.

Q: How will Sohee communicate with me?

A: Your behavior & habits consult will arrive via email in PDF format. Sohee currently does not offer Skype/Zoom or phone consults.

Q: Sohee didn’t give me specific calories or macros. How do I know how many calories I should be eating per day?

A: Sohee may or may not prescribe you a calorie range or macros to hit, as she may suggest other habits and skills for you at this time.

Q: How long should I practice these habits for and what do I do next?

A: Sohee will let you know how long she suggests you practice these skills and what your next steps should be.

Q: I have questions and need some support. What do I do?

A: There is no ongoing support with this service as it is intended to be one-off.

Q: What is the difference between having Sohee as my coach and the Behavior & Habits Consult option?

A: Coaching is a more hands-on option that comes with ongoing support and increased accountability, and this comes at a higher price point. If you’re interested in working with a coach on the ELT Method team, you can apply here.

Q: Who is the Behavior & Habit Consult good for? Why would I purchase this and not a Macro Consult?

A: The macro consult is specifically for individuals who would like personalized macronutrient and/or/ calorie recommendations tailored to their fitness goals. Its focus is not on the behavioral aspect of long-term change.

The Behavior & Habit Consult is more all-encompassing and addresses the daily behaviors to master in order to achieve your goals. If you have a general idea of what you’re supposed to do but have been struggling with how to consistently execute the right behaviors, this is for you. This may or may not include macro/calorie recommendations as well depending on what is deemed most appropriate for you.