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Building your best body takes hard work. But hard work with the wrong mindset can actually leave you further away from where you want to be. This list is where real fat-loss progress begins!

In the quest to become lean, we obsess over minutiae. We tinker with meal timing down to the minute, or find ourselves wondering with embarrassing earnestness whether we’ll achieve better results from sets of six squats rather than five. We Google “Kale or broccoli?” and angrily debate with our fellow fitness comrades over which cardio modality is the only one worth following.

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There’s nothing wrong with these discussions, but let’s be clear: When progress halts, it’s not a certain rep or vegetable that made it happen. It’s usually something bigger: your mindset.

In fact, I would argue that going into any fat-loss program with the right mindset is far more important than any particular protocol you follow.

Which of the following fallacies are holding you back right now?

Find out here.

Earlier this week, I shared with you one of my training sessions that I had planned. (If you missed it, you can catch it here.)

It’s now Saturday and I’ve just wrapped up my final session of the week. As a recap, here’s what my schedule looked like:

Monday: Lower body
Tuesday: Upper body + LWF workout
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Full body
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Full body + LWF workout

Or at least, that’s what was planned.

In truth, today’s conditioning finisher never happened. I caught myself on the phone with Bret for over an hour discussing business shenanigans and, by the time we hung up, I found myself running out of time before I had to get ready for my next commitment.

But it wasn’t that big of a deal.


Listen in on episode 15 of Physique Science Radio. Layne Norton and I chat it up with Dr. Mark Haubs, the professor behind the infamous “Twinkie Diet” from just a few years ago.

There’s something incredibly humbling about training your way to an injury.

You may have read about my journey to my first powerlifting meet. I’ve been working with my good friend Bret Contreras, and he’s had me following a daily undulating periodization (DUP) protocol that involves squatting 3x/week.

The first five weeks went really well – I was making steady strength gains and my training sessions were super fun.

Week 1 of back squats

Week 1 of back squats

But by week six, my hips were starting to bother me with the squats.

By week seven, I could hardly get through my warm up sets before I was forced to throw in the towel.

Ugh, yes, I was initially incredibly disappointed. I had followed the program to a T, never missed a day, and I’d been doing everything right.

But as it turns out, frequent squatting is not everyone’s cup of tea. For me, my body’s anatomy just isn’t built to support that kind of volume.

After a good deal of back-and-forth with Bret about what I wanted to do, I finally decided over the weekend that I wanted to move forward with my powerlifting prep.  Right now, we’re looking at the USAPL meet on April 25 in Chandler, Arizona. 

We’ll be making training modifications, of course. And for now, I’ve been instructed to lay off full-depth squatting and work on what doesn’t hurt just for the time being.

So I figured: why not turn this into something that we can all benefit from?

Over the next week, I’ll be sharing with you the workouts that I’ll be doing. I’ll also be posting the weights that I use for each exercise to give you an idea of where your own numbers should be, should you choose to do the workouts with me. 😀

I’ll be posting video clips on my Instagram. I encourage you to connect with me there to follow along:

Instagram with me!

Instagram with me!

>> << 

My training schedule this week is looking like the following:

Monday: Lower body lift
Tuesday: Upper body lift + 10-15min Lift Weights Faster workout
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Full body lift
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Full body lift + 10-15min Lift Weights Faster workout

If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut with your training or you’re simply looking to try out something new, this may be perfect for you to try out. Plus, it’ll give you a taste of the kind of #eatliftthrive workouts I like to do for myself and my clients.

Here’s a basic breakdown of my approach:

  • primary focus on compound movements
  • a blend of lower and higher reps
  • lots of hip-dominant and glute work #bunz
  • always lift as heavy as possible within the prescribed rep range while maintaining good form
  • in and out of the gym in 40-60 minutes


Again, I want to remind you that I’m avoiding direct squatting this week due to my hip pain, so all the workouts that I do will work around that. And I want to show you that it’s absolutely possible to still get in effective training sessions even if you can’t squat.

Of course, be safe and make exercise substitutions and modifications wherever you see fit.

Here’s what I’ve got going on today –

Training Day 1: Lower Body

A. Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat 4×8-10ea (in lieu of full squats)
B. Block pulls 3×5-8
C. Barbell hip thrust 3×8-10
D. Kettlebell deadlift 2×20-25
E. Feet-elevated bodyweight glute bridge 2×30

From start to finish, this should take me approximately 40-50 minutes to get through.

Again, connect with me on Instagram for video demos of everything.

If you decide to lift with me, then be sure to use the hashtag #eatliftthrive so I can find you!

I’m excited to bring you today the second ever guest post on brought to you by the one and only Jen Sinkler. Jen, the face behind the Lift Weights Faster movement, is probably one of my favorite female fitness professionals (in the history of EVER!) not only because she’s a great writer and knows her stuff, but also because she’s super whip smart and hilarious to boot.

Jen and I see eye-to-eye on all things cardio. I think you’ll find her words to be incredibly refreshing.

Take it away, Jen!


It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of social media.

It’s wonderful way to pass on shareable information and to stay connected to people you would otherwise never meet. I posted this quote, attributed to life coach Nisha Moodley, on Thrive As The Fittest a few weeks ago:

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”


What does it mean to make progress?

Within the world of fat loss, most of the times, people will define “progress” as seeing the number on the scale go down within a certain period of time.

Scale weight is all fine and well, but there are numerous problems with using this single metric to determine how successful you are in your fat loss endeavors.

Somewhere out there, right at this very moment, someone is shedding tears after having stepped on the scale.
Somewhere out there, a well-meaning but woefully misinformed coach is instructing his client not to drink any water because tomorrow is her check-in day and she needs to weigh less.
Somewhere out there, a chronic yo-yo dieter is smiling triumphantly after plugging away for an hour on the treadmill because she’s lost five pounds of scale weight within that timespan.




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