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I figured this would be a timely post considering that I’m currently on the road for the next 11 days.

In my latest video, I share with you the exact strategies that I use to stay on track when I’m away from home.

I’ve had a number of people ask me about my garage gym, so I shot a video giving you a tour of my second home.

I walk you through all the equipment that I have, and below you’ll find links to where you can purchase everything.

If there’s anything that you want for your home gym that’s not listed below, you can’t really go wrong with Rogue. The quality of their equipment is pristine and their customer service is incredibly helpful.

Everything – absolutely everything – listed below will all fit just fine into a one-car garage gym if need be.

If you want to build your gym slowly, I’d recommend starting with either the dumbbells or the wall rig. Over time, you can slowly acquire extra equipment.

If you’re on the fence about setting up a garage gym, I say it’s worth the investment, particularly if a quality gym is not close to you. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve saved by not having to commute to the gym everyday. Plus, I get to have my dogs with me when I train, and I can dance (horrifically so, might I add) in between sets without being judged!

Strength Equipment

Bumper Plate Storage Stacker

Rubber Bumper Plates

Thrive Barbell – 15kg (33lbs)

Thrive Barbell – 20kg (45lbs)

Heavy Duty Multi-Grip Bar

Sorinex Trap/Diamond Bar

HG Collars (not mentioned in video)

W-4 Garage Gym Wall Rig

TRX Suspension Device

Landmine (not mentioned in video)

Neutral Grips (for pullups)

Gymnastic Wood Rings

Adjustable Bench

Fractional Plates

Weight Belts (Rogue and Inzer)

Dip Station

Hex Dumbbell Sets


Universal Storage System (for dumbbells and kettlebells)

Conditioning Equipment

Battle Ropes

Plyo Box


Air Bike


Trigger Point starter set

Long Bands

Mini Bands

Yoga Blocks

Val Slides

Squat Pad

Rumble Roller

Yoga Mat

Steppers (long and short)

Gym Timer

Chalk Stand

3’x5′ wall mirror





The next episode of Physique Science Radio is up!

In episode 16, Layne Norton and I bring special guest Ben Coomber on board. Ben is a wildly popular podcast host himself and is based in the UK.

We discuss the following topics:

– entrepreneurship in the fitness industry
– the Tim Tebow effect
– different approaches to nutrition coaching
– food intolerances

and much more.

Give it a listen!

I talk a lot about incorporating dietary relief into your nutrition so you curb cravings and stay away from binge eating.

But what do I mean by that, and how can you implement this approach?

Watch this video to learn:

So. I ate three cookies yesterday.

They were delicious. Super sweet. And I enjoyed every last bite.

It wasn’t a mistake; I didn’t “lose control”; I wasn’t low on willpower.

I simply made the active decision to eat a few more cookies than I usually would.

This doesn’t happen everyday – in fact, it hardly happens at all. But when it does, I guarantee you that there’s no guilt involved.

Walnut chocolate chunk cookies

Walnut chocolate chunk cookies

Today, I’m back to business as usual. Back to consuming ample protein, plenty of vegetables, and guzzling my water. Yes, I’ll still be eating carbs today. No, I’m not cutting back on calories to “make up” for yesterday’s indulgence.

I’m going to use that extra fuel to hammer out a kickass deadlift session later this afternoon. And then I’m going to move on with my life.

When it comes to my nutrition, I live by guidelines, not black-and-white rules. I follow these guidelines about 90% of the time, and that’s good enough for me. Let that be good enough for you, too.

Own your decisions. Take accountability of *your* actions. You are not a victim. Food is not a moral quibble.

Every time I post a video of me doing hip thrusts, I always get questions about what equipment I’m using, where I got it from, and how I set up for hip thrusts without a hip thruster.

I filmed a video yesterday afternoon explaining everything in detail, and then noticed that Bret Contreras had just written up Anatomy of the Perfect Hip Thrusting StationGreat minds think alike, eh?

Think of this post as a complement to Bret’s. Since many of us don’t have access to a hip thruster, you may find the information below quite useful.



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