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Year of Strength 1.0 with Sohee!

This brand new e-book contains one full year of gym and home-based workouts, so you can build and gain strength for a full 12-months without jumping from program to program.

12 months of gym-based workouts

Links to video demonstrations for all exercises so you can perform each movement safely with perfect form

12 months of home workouts with a rotating monthly emphasis (Unilateral & Core, Glutes & Shoulders, Hamstrings & Chest, and Quads & Back) that require minimal to no equipment so you can get a great training experience from the comfort of your living room

That’s less than $4/month for a full year of workouts, strategically planned so you can achieve your strength and body composition goals without stressing about finding a new program every few months!

Please note that this is a DIY program that doesn’t offer support. If you would like additional or ongoing support, consider joining Lift with Sohee instead. In addition, our Eat.Lift.Thrive. Facebook Community is open to everyone, but we won’t be offering form checks or substitutions there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Year of Strength 1.0 is a DIY, hands-off product, meaning that you complete the workouts on your own and no coaching support is provided. If you’d like extra accountability or support, consider Lift with Sohee or for more personalized guidance, online coaching. Year of Strength 1.0 is a bundled version of the Lift with Sohee 2020 workouts. If you were a member of Lift with Sohee during that time, there is no need to purchase this product.

Absolutely. Year of Strength is designed for people who want to increase strength, change their body composition, and feel healthier and more confident. With regards to fat loss versus muscle gain, the main difference comes down to your nutrition (primarily, your calorie intake). Your workouts themselves do not need to change whether your goal is to lose fat or gain muscle.

There’s no one single exercise you have to do! You can always do a different exercise within the same movement pattern category.

Every exercise in the program is linked to an exercise demo showing you how the movement should look, along with step-by-step instructions and tips on how to execute proper technique.

Days 1-3 can be done in about 45-60 minutes, and the optional 4th day takes about 20-30 minutes.

Please read through the entire PDF as Sohee goes into great explanation and depth about the program and how to perform it. The video password is located on page 10 of the PDF.

Sohee does not recommend combining different training programs, as they are specifically designed to be done alone. The Year of Strength workouts take total training volume into consideration, so adding in more may be counterproductive. If you’d like to do cardio or other forms of physical activity outside of strength training, you are certainly welcome to do so. Just make sure you’re keeping tabs on your overall recovery levels.

None of Sohee’s programs will ever specify the exact loads for you to use. This is because everyone’s strength levels are different, and what might be heavy to one person may be too light for another. Sohee recommends using a challenging weight for whatever exercise you are performing in the target repetition range. There may be some trial and error involved during the first week of a new program as you identify the best loads for you to use, but no worries! That’s all part of the process.

We suggest having a variety of dumbbells and bands (continuous loop or with handles, and mini-bands) at your disposal in order to get the most out of the home version of this program. You can also be creative and find makeshift weights with common implements around the house! However, if you have absolutely zero access to anything at all, you might be better suited to our Lift at Home Program, which has no equipment requirements.

Once you pay the one-time fee, there are no other fees involved. You also have access to the program indefinitely once the PDF is downloaded.

No, this program is delivered via PDF and each exercise is hyperlinked. It is not a mobile app.

It’s 3 days a week, with an optional 4th day. You perform the same program for 4 weeks total before moving onto the next month.

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