How to Transition to Flexible Dieting


How to Transition to Flexible Dieting

October 10, 2014

I’ve started a new YouTube Q&A series on my channel this week.

I’ve been fielding questions from readers and picking one to dive into in a video log.

This week, I answered the question: “How do you make the transition from clean eating to flexible dieting?”

Ambiguous definitions aside, I thought this was a really, really great question and one that could benefit just about anybody.

If you have any other fitness-related (training, nutrition, mindset, career etc.) questions that you’d like to toss at me, comment below!

  1. Fumbi Adegbesan 6 years ago

    OOOOOOOOOO SHIEEEEETT! Sohee’s doing videos! Question: Any tips on making a name for myself locally as a trainer/online coach? This blog is great btw. It’s really helped me relate a lot better to my female clients.

    • Sohee Lee 6 years ago

      Hi Fumbi! That’s a great question and, if it’s okay with you, I’m going to add this to the lineup. Keep an eye out for future video logs!

      • Fumbi Adegbesan 6 years ago

        Thank you

  2. Lily Ko 6 years ago

    Thanks. I start to revert to my thoughts of the old diet, calories and cardio, then I come to your web sight to get sense knocked back into to me.

  3. jenny 6 years ago

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