The Science & Application of Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Webinar

This webinar was filmed live on April 11, 2020. Due to overwhelming demand, we've added it here for those of you who might like to purchase it. This is over 7 hours of educational content!

Dietary Interventions for Body Composition Change (Sohee)

 There is a plethora of nutrition information out there regarding how to best achieve your goal physique, but a lot of this advice conflicts with each other. What does science say about the best nutrition practices, however? Dietary interventions will be discussed that will allow trainers, practitioners, and fitness enthusiasts alike better understand how to more effectively help themselves and others achieve results. This lecture will include a review of the popular diet methods to date and their efficacy in helping individuals shed body fat and gain muscle. Further, strategies to determine how to tailor a fitness program to the individual will be covered.

Diet Breaks Strategies for Eliminating Weight Loss Plateaus (Bill)

 This presentation begins with an honest (but not commonly acknowledged) discussion of the negative aspects of dieting – adaptive thermogenesis, altered mood states, suppression of muscle protein synthesis, the likelihood of future weight gain, and others.  While each of these unfortunate outcomes is a part of the dieting process, there are some strategies that can be employed to increase the likelihood of a successful diet.  One such strategy known to help is referred to as ‘non-linear dieting’.  This presentation will discuss the broad concept of non-linear dieting and then move towards a popular component of this concept known as ‘Diet Breaks’.  Dr. Campbell will break down the existing research in this area as well as share some of his current research on diet breaks from his Performance and Physique Enhancement Laboratory.

Principles of Resistance Training for Muscle Mass Gains (Bill)

 Two of the most basic variables for maximizing the adaptations to your resistance training are volume and frequency of training.  Get these two variables wrong, and you could be wasting your time in the gym or setting yourself up for long periods of not experiencing progress.  If your goal is to increase muscle mass, this presentation will make sure you have the latest scientific findings on how much volume you should be doing and how frequently you should be training.  Dr. Campbell will also provide some training guidelines to fit your unique lifestyle so that you get the maximum return on your resistance training program investment.

Psychology and Behavior Change Considerations for Lasting Results (Sohee)

 Understanding the latest and most relevant research on the best training and nutrition practices for physique gains are great, but what good is any of it if you don't have the tools to put them into practice consistently into your everyday life? This lecture will cover psychology and behavior change considerations to not only make body composition change but maintain the results over the long term. Practical strategies will be provided to help you best translate the knowledge into practice.

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