The Science & Application of Energy Balance Webinar

THIS WEBINAR WAS RECORDED LIVE ON MAY 23, 2020 and includes 4 hours of educational content.

NSCA Approved - .3 CEUs

Calorie Cycling Strategies for Body Composition (Sohee)

Perhaps you understand the basic fundamentals of nutrition for body composition, but what about more advanced strategies? Sohee will cover popular calorie cycling methods: cheat meals, refeeds, and diet breaks. Does the science support their efficacy, and how can you apply them to yourself and your clients? Attendees will come away from this lecture with an understanding of when and how these three tools can be implemented for optimal body composition results. 

Optimising Energy Expenditure (Ben)

Despite exercise commonly being viewed as a backbone of weight-loss interventions, increasing exercise output doesn't reliably result in weight loss. Ben discusses the reasons why weight gain is easier than it ever has been, the mistakes people make when trying to lose weight, and strategies you can implement to maximise your chances of success. The goal of this lecture is to take the complexities of energy expenditure and simplify it down into some easy take-home points.


Why You're Not Losing Weight (Ben & Sohee)

Calories in calories out are all fine well, but weight loss is rarely ever straightforward. How is the "eat less, move more" advice missing the mark? What are some variables that can negatively impact a person's ability to successfully lose weight? Ben and Sohee will discuss factors to consider when assessing your own progress, including but not limited to: metabolic adaptation, underreporting, compensatory changes in appetite and energy expenditure, and more. 

Q&A (Ben & Sohee)

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