The Perfect Fat Loss Day


The Perfect Fat Loss Day

November 13, 2012

I know I’m not alone when I say that there have been many times when I’ve sat down, shaken my head, and wished my dieting day had gone better. That’s not to say I’m dieting 365 out of the year; in fact, the majority of the time, I’m either maintaining my weight and focusing on performance goals temporarily or I’m intentionally putting on some muscle mass. But I’m human. I certainly don’t condone using that as an excuse for folks to slack off and give half-assed effort in their endeavors. Try as we might, however, it’s neither realistic nor healthy to expect to be perfect 100% of the time.

“Go hard or go home” is not really a philosophy I live by anymore. [Tweet “I think the absolute-or-nothing mentality has a tendency to set people up for failure.”] Instead, I maintain high standards but allow plenty of space for flexibility in my life.

Jeff O’Connell, editor-in-chief of, contacted me last month and asked me to be a contributing writer for their team. My jaw was on the floor. ON THE FLOOR! This has been one of my dreams for a while, and it’s surreal for me to say that I’m now on the homepage of for the second time. The first was a transformation feature; this time, it’s a real article of mine!

That’s me!

Get it while it’s hot. Click here to read about my version of the perfect fat loss day.


  1. okaylambda 8 years ago

    I discovered your writing thru and found it amazing and very inspiring.congrats on that! with such an on and off again regiment I’ve decided to change it up and do it for myself instead of the purpose of hollering women or bc of a Vegas trip fitness is hard, nothing in life is easy..and if too easy, it’s probably not worth doing..your writing will be the epicenter for many so keep it up!

  2. cblue007 8 years ago

    This article was so great because it is very close to what I do, but I had no idea there was a science to it or a name, “intermittent fasting”. I prefer to wakeup, work out then come home and eat my meal. I do precook my chicken during the week but everything else I cook right then. I find that I am not hungry the rest of the day, with a few snacks, yogurt, fruit or a energy bar I make it through right until dinner and feel great. I have lost about 65 lbs to date since March 2012 and have a bit more to go. Such a great article.

    • Sohee Lee 8 years ago

      Nice work! Glad you’ve found an eating pattern that works for you.

  3. Efriati 8 years ago

    Yes, as long as it gets your heart rate up. There are different kinds of yoga but most of them are prtety intense, in my experience. Just to reiterate, since this myth never seems to go away, that:a0a0a0a0a0 ***there is no such thing as spot reduction***You can by reducing your overall body fat percentage. You do that through cardio and eating less calories than you burn.

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