What Our Clients Say

I found LWS almost 2 years ago, and it has been the only strength training program I've been able to stick to. I'm never bored, and the walkthrough videos and specific movement videos help me be sure I know what I'm doing. The Facebook group is great for questions and form checks. After almost 2 years, I have no plans on leaving or changing plans. I truly love it.

Clover R.

LWS is the only programme I have ever used. As a scientist, I researched well before I signed up to any, and what I love about LWS is the continual scientific input and discussions, as well as the supportive community that runs alongside. It's gained my trust, and I don't hesitate to recommend it to friends!

Natalie H.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this program! The variety, the attention to detail, the accessibility of Sohee and her team for form checks and feedback and the most accepting and empowering group of women I have ever been a part of on the internet within the Facebook group make it so worth it. I’ve gained strength, saw some body composition changes and genuinely love and look forward to the workouts. Around 2.5 years of following LWS programming and never plan to change.

Ashley A.

I’m loving this program so much. I’ve come from six months of doing a program where the group culture was to be hardcore and badass all the time. It wore me out! I don’t want to do 1.5 hour workouts 6 days a week. Before that I did a great program, but it was a twelve week cycle with nothing afterwards. This program is amazing in comparison. There’s balance, the workouts are challenging but don’t take forever, I’m making more progress than ever before, and I’m loving the process. I’m here to stay. Thanks!

Susie Cue

This program is different as it gives you the tools to create your own success and have complete focus and direction when entering the gym. I now track all my weights and feel so organized in regards to my goals and progress. Love the scientific approach and the simplicity, organization, and the difficulty of every program!


I think the fact that there are so many women here who have been members for YEARS speaks to the quality itself. The program somehow never gets boring, is challenging AND YET is still so sustainable for busy ladies with full lives. I had a friend who asked me about the program, and I described the whole thing as feeling “very healthy.” I love that we aren’t bombarded with before and after photos (although we can post them). That alone tells me we aren’t just chasing aesthetic goals. We are free to determine for ourselves what goals we want to achieve and that is so liberating.

Melissa M.

Thanks to LWS I was able to finally make upper body gains!! I love that the workouts are designed to build your strength up and work on progressive overload! They’re also direct and to the point and aren’t filled with fluff so that you get the best bang for your time and aren’t just sweating to feel like you worked out. I love that everyone in this group is so encouraging even if we just need to vent about how we didn’t hit our PR! Truly one of the best decisions I’ve made in the workout aspect of my life

Felicia H.

I love the Lift with Sohee program. In the past I was so restricted with food, spent way too much time doing long winded workouts. I never enjoyed it. I came across Sohee’s Instagram a couple of years ago. I first signed up for a macro consult. I loved how it wasn’t just a set of numbers. It was super personalized and addressed my concerns. You can tell how she really takes her time and focuses on the individual person and their needs. Since I had great results from that I signed up for the monthly LWS workouts and have not looked back since! The workouts are fun and challenging. Everyone in the Facebook group is so encouraging. Very happy to be a part of this community.

Tracy C.

I've been in Lift With Sohee since May 2019 and I love it! The new program for the month always comes out before the start of the next month and I look forward to seeing what the coaches have put together for us. I really like that there is a main focus each month and I can work on progressing in those lifts throughout the month. They are challenging, take just the right amount of time and don't wipe you out so you have no energy for the rest of the day. I have definitely gotten stronger and have noticed a shoulder issue getting better with the way the workouts are programmed. The Facebook community is awesome. Such a supportive group and I like that the focus isn't on weight loss. I was in another program that overall was good, but this has been a better fit for me in every way. The coaches are great and helpful with questions asked and I really love seeing that Sohee does the workouts too and commiserates along with us on the torturous supersets and tri-sets

Shauna C.

I started in November 2020. Fitness is my life and I want to go above and beyond what is needed for health reasons. But I still need balance. This program has advanced my strength more than anything else I have tried, including personalized programs. I have muscle being built I haven’t seen before.It’s also nice getting a program from someone who has dealt with their own issues. The programming feels more genuine. The ability to post videos and have coaches check for form and maybe encourage you to go heavier isn’t offered anywhere else. This community truly makes their members feel like member and we aren’t just another number; not just another buck for the coach.

Jess G.

I started using LWS pre-COVID and really enjoyed it. I like the consistency in programming and that it is science based. During lockdown, I was able to continue using the home program until I could build up my home gym. Now with my garage gym I love the fact that Sohee will provide personalized suggestions for substitutions based on my equipment. I also LOVE that we can post form checks in the Facebook group and get same-day feedback from Sohee or another coach. This program is worth every.single.penny!

Naomi V.

I love Sohee’s programming - simple but NOT easy. I love how there is a gym and a home option and that she has videos of all the programmed lifts. I truly love the Facebook community. I’ve been in similar communities, some without any activities from the members, some with so much member posts it’s just overwhelming. I love that this community is active, supportive, very friendly and not too overwhelming. And I love how all the ELT coaches provide form checks and feedback, answer questions, and are overall very active in the group. I’ve not encountered such a great Facebook community before.

Lieke F.

I love that the program feels uncomplicated and doable while still being challenging. I appreciate the flexibility that is present in the program itself but also encouraged within the community, especially in terms of mindset. The Facebook group is really great. The form check threads are super helpful and the coaches are knowledgeable and kind. I always feel seen and listened to. This group just feels very down to earth and empathetic to the fact that we are all just normal people trying to be healthy and strong.

Karitas H.

My fitness journey began about 10 years ago. It was always very random, and involved me hopping from one fad 30 day program to another. I found lifting last year and signed up for a program that believed every workout should be different and involved a lot of high intensity. By the end of 4 or 5 months I was tired, always sore, and wasn't making progress on any lifts. I had followed Sohee on instagram for awhile and decided to try a lifting program that believed in progressive overload. I have been doing this program since October 2012 in my home gym. It is fun, inspiring, and it WORKS! I see gains each week and my mood is so much more stable. I don't have to feel guilty about missing workouts because 3 or 4 a week is much more manageable than the 6 a week I was doing. I no longer feel guilty for eating certain foods. The feedback is fast, concise, and compassionate. I am so thankful for Sohee and the rest of the team.

Carmen F.

LWS makes me feel energized afterward instead of drained. I feel capable of doing the movements and not overly burdened. I love having rest days and an optional 4th day, plus the programming for both home AND gym available to me. Additionally, the Facebook group/form checks/support from coaches and community makes this feel more like a lifestyle than simply a workout program. I have only been a member for approximately 6 months, but I have benefited from progressive overload by noticing increased strength, some muscle hypertrophy, and - importantly - improved form. I have the tendency to burn myself out by going too hard/fast, ultimately losing interest in a program - that has not been the case during my experience with LWS! I feel the program is quite doable with many options for modification.

Emily E.

I have tried several different programs over the last few years. I have left LWS to try others only to come back. Why? The simplicity of the wel- written program, delivered on time on the last day of the month, complete with full walkthroughs in the program along with videos to work on form. The workouts are challenging, include variety, and have a purpose. There is just the right amount of volume to encourage progressive overload and do not require more than 1 hour 3 to 4 times per week. For the Facebook group, there is opportunity to share your videos with trainer recommendations and tips. Other groups I have been in have member reflections which has not proven to give enough support in my opinion. Additionally, if you need modifications to the program tips have been offered by trainers or members which I really love as well. I feel confident that the program I am doing and paying for comes with purpose and intent and will help reach my goals.

Jamie C.

I was honestly a bit skeptical about the format of LWS. I am someone who if they get bored of a workout, I just can’t get myself to do it. I do not get bored with this AT ALL. I love that it pushes me to find my limit every week and that I can work towards gains on a particular exercise. I’ve been doing LWS for two months now and have PRed twice and been losing some weight. Never thought I be able to lift like this! Other bonuses include: instructional videos (the entire day’s session & individual exercises), a gym & home version, FB community to help with questions and cheer you on, it’s also very flexible so you can adjust to your schedule & it’s incredibly affordable.

Christine P.

Lift with Sohee is different from other programs I have tried in many ways. Each LWS coach is extremely empathetic and provides constructive feedback while pointing out your strengths with the lift! I remember I was having trouble with bar placement in the bench press and Brian took the time to take a picture of his hand and draw arrows where the bar needed to rest on your palm - so helpful! I think the way the feedback provided was a part of what allowed me to progress in all the major lifts in the last year more than I had before in 2 years of lifting. My favorite part of LWS is the relatability of the coaches and the people in this community!

Clara H.