Earlier this week, I shared with you one of my training sessions that I had planned. (If you missed it, you can catch it here.)

It's now Saturday and I've just wrapped up my final session of the week. As a recap, here's what my schedule looked like:

Monday: Lower body
Tuesday: Upper body + LWF workout
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Full body
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Full body + LWF workout

Or at least, that's what was planned.

In truth, today's conditioning finisher never happened. I caught myself on the phone with Bret for over an hour discussing business shenanigans and, by the time we hung up, I found myself running out of time before I had to get ready for my next commitment.

But it wasn't that big of a deal.

Because the beauty of utilizing a moderate approach, you see, is that flexibility is built into the plan. In fact, it's a critical component of it.

Have to re-schedule a workout? That's fine. Life happens.
Only got in one conditioning workout instead of two? No big deal - because my nutrition has been on point.

As you may recall, my goal in the gym is two-fold:

  1. get progressively stronger in the big three (squat, bench, deadlift) for my upcoming powerlifting meet on April 25, and
  2. have fun while doing so

And in order to ensure that I'm doing a mix of both of the above, I keep my training sessions short enough to keep things interesting, but long enough to get the job done.

All of my workouts take between 40-60 minutes maximum. I focus primarily on compound movements with an emphasis on glute work, and then I sprinkle in some accessory exercises at the end. I sprinkle in conditioning judiciously to keep my heart happy. I'm not afraid to lift heavy, and I'm not afraid to try out new exercises.

This is the eat.lift.thrive. way.

If you missed the workouts I posted on Instagram, here's what the entire week ended up looking like:

Training Day 1: Lower Body

A. Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat 4x8-10ea
B. Block pulls 3x5-8
C. Glute bridge 3x8-10
D. Kettlebell deadlift 2x20-25
E. Feet-elevated bodyweight glute bridge 2x30

Training Day 2: Upper Body

A. Barbell bench press 3x1
B. Pullups 3xmax (you can do inverted rows instead if you can't do a full pullup yet)
C1. Military press 3x5-8
C2. Underhand grip barbell row 3x8-10
D1. Pushups 3xMax
D2. Rack pullups 3xMax

Training Day 3: Full Body

A. Back squat 3x5
B. T-bar row 3x5-8
C. Single-leg hip thrust 3x12-15ea
D. 1-arm dumbbell push press 3x12-15ea
E. Kettlebell swing 3x10


Training Day 4: Full Body

A. Deadlift 3x1
B. Bench press 3x3
C. High step-ups 3x12-15ea
D. Chinups 3x5 (you can do inverted rows instead if you can't do a full chinup yet)
E. Glute burnouts 3 rounds

Here's a video of the glute burnouts:


If you've been following along with my workouts this week, be sure to drop me a line and let me know how you liked them.

And if you've really enjoyed the workouts, I've got great news for you.

Beginning on April 1, I'll be launching my new group training program.

This is perfect for those of you who are looking for a little more direction in the gym and don't want to make exercise your part-time job. I'll teach you how to make the most of every minute to get maximum results. Plus, you'll get stronger and look better in the process.

And while I won't be assigning formal nutrition programs, there will be ample opportunity to discuss your unique nutrition strategies and figure out what approach works best for you.

Here's what you'll get each month through this new coaching service:

  • training program consists of 4 training sessions plus 2 optional conditioning workouts
  • printable training log to track your sessions
  • exercise demos for dynamic warmups and all exercises
  • unlimited access to me as your coach in a closed Facebook group
  • unlimited form checks for any exercise
  • bonus video guides from yours truly

Before applying, please make sure that you:

  • are 20+ years of age
  • are experienced in the weight room - due to the nature of online coaching, we cannot accept beginners
  • have access to commercial gym equipment (you'll need a barbell plus plates, a full rack of dumbbells, and an adjustable bench at the very least to get the most out of my programs)
  • are serious about making a life-long commitment to your health

If this is you, we'd love to hear from you.

We'll be keeping enrollment limited for the first month.

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