We all begin our fitness journeys with the best of intentions. We want to look better, feel better, regain our confidence, and be healthier overall. So we embrace the wealth of information out there in books, websites, and locked in the brains of smart trainers and nutritionists. We do a little research, then a little more, and if we're determined enough, our everyday habits start to change in some profound ways. We start to experience the wonders of fitness, and soon enough, we're hooked.

I love seeing this change take place, because it shows the type of passion that's necessary if you want to keep growing and improving for years or decades. However, as most of us can attest, the fitness mindset can also lead you down a slippery slope. You can miss out on events that you'll regret later, damage relationships that deserved better, and beat your body into a pulp chasing an unrealistic ideal.

When do good fitness habits go bad? It's personal, and to be honest, sometimes we have to learn the lesson the hard way. But here are four classic scenarios that should have you nodding with recognition.


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