I'm a huge advocate of establishing healthy, life-affirming habits. Not just related to fitness, but with respect to personal, spiritual, mental, emotional health - everything. From thinking positive thoughts (yes, that is a habit) to praying before each meal, there are a lot of behavior patterns that we can train ourselves to put on autopilot and consequently zap exactly zero of our willpower.

But I get it. Sometimes it's much more enticing to try something out for a month or so just to see if we can do it. And yes, maybe that will require a healthy dose of discipline and sacrifice. But if it's only a month, we can do just about anything, right?

30 days is a short enough period of time to engage in a new activity just for funsiez and be able to say at the end, "Hey, look what I did!"

So I have a challenge for you. [Tweet "A 30-day challenge to try something new. I’m participating in this myself, too."]

(I promise I'm not trying to channel Dr. Seuss here).

Follow the link here to read my article on habits.


Guys, I'm excited about my upcoming 30+ day challenge and I reaaaally want to share it with you. Like now. But I had an idea yesterday that I think has some potential to be half-interesting, so I'm going to be patient and wait a few days before I reveal what I'm going to be doing.

I promise it will be fun. I think.