The Sexification of Sohee Lee: Part I

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with a formal coach. I haven’t paid someone to tell me what to eat and what to lift in a number of months. This past December, Rog and I got to talking – what if we became each other’s accountability partners?

Fast forward to today, and we’ve agreed to take it one step further. I guess in a way, we’ll be making the whole Internet our accountability partner. You. Keeping eyes on us.

So what’s going on in my world?

These past two weeks, I’ve relaxed with my eating. I haven’t counted anything or thought much about macronutrients. I took this time to enjoy my food, eat ice cream to my heart’s content, slather a thick layer of strawberry cream cheese on my bagels, and slurp some red wine. I’d estimate that I’ve been consuming around 2500-3000 calories a day. Yes, I can eat big. It’s been gravy, baby! Training has been super fun, as you can expect. I’ve been feeling strong in the gym with PRs left and right. Unfortunately I’ve been slightly sidelined with shoulder, thumb, and knee injuries (hello, rugby!), – but that hasn’t stopped me from squatting or deadlifting. 135 and 225, I’m comin’ for you!

As of today, I am 9 weeks out from the FMI Conference, which will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona this year. (I can say without a doubt that attending the FMI last October was the trigger that pushed me toward creating a Twitter account, setting up a fan page, and eventually building my website. For that I am forever grateful.)

I’ll be dieting down for these 2 months to prepare for some photoshoots I’ll have lined up in April. I know some of you have been asking what and how much I eat, what my training looks like, how much cardio I do, etc. Here’s your chance to follow my journey in real-time.

As to whether I’ll reach my all-time leanest by then… who knows. Right now I’m happy with where I’m at, but I’m not settling.

117lbs as of this morning - bloated and overfed... but not for long! 
117lbs as of this morning - bloated and overfed... but not for long!

Alright, so here’s my plan of attack:

Training and Shenanigans

I’ll be lifting 3x/week with a focus on either squats or deadlifts each training session. As mentioned before, I’m striving for a 225lb raw deadlift and a 135lb ATG front squat. I am currently sitting at 170lbs and 115lbs, respectively. Maybe I’ll get there in the next couple of months… God willing.

I don’t do any isolation movements, as 1) while I do think they have a place in some training programs, they’re overrated for the most part, and 2) compound movements do much more. I’m a busy girl; I’d rather not spend my time doing things that are of no benefit to me. As such, my lifts are full body with some core work thrown in at the end.

Day Training Other
Sunday Full body 1  
Monday Full body 2  
Tuesday   Rugby practice (1.5 hours)
Wednesday   Sprints (optional)
Thursday Full body 3 Rugby practice (1.5 hours)
Friday   Rugby practice (1 hour)
Saturday   Rugby game (sometimes)

I’ll have 1 or 2 full rest days a week, depending on whether or not I have a game that weekend.

In each progress post, I’ll highlight any noteworthy numbers I’ve hit. Occasionally I’ll throw in a video, too.


I’ll start off at the high end of dieting calories. I’m a huge fan of dieting down slowly versus crash-dieting (rebound, anyone?). It’s much easier to shave off a hundred-something calories here and there when the need arises than to realize you’ve hit 8 x bw in calories and you still haven’t made any progress. That’s never a good place to be in.

I consider myself pretty damn active with all the lifting, rugby, and NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) that I’ve got going on. I’ll start off my macros as follows:

Training Days

1800 calories
117g protein
200g carbs
59g fat

Off Days

1520 calories
130g protein
80g carbs
74g fat

I'll write about how I figured out my macronutrients soon - there is a method behind all of this. Keep in mind that some days, I’m lifting and playing rugby. My hope is that this will be enough to food to continue to support slow but steady strength gains while helping me lean out.

The only supplements of any kind I will be taking will be a multivitamin (1x/day), fish oil capsules (6x/day), and BCAAs (10g pre-lift) for the days I train fasted. Oh, and protein powder (Gaspari’s Myofusion milk chocolate FTW!) when I want to make my protein frappuccinos.

My dieting approach will consist of intermittent fasting and IIFYM. You can bet your ass that Phish Food will be a regular in my diet.

My ice cream family
My ice cream family

Other guest appearances will include:

  • Many flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
  • Whole milk (everyday, baby!)
  • Bacon
  • Caramels
  • Swedish Fish
  • Cinnamon sugar pita chips
  • Alcohol

You see here? This is flexible dieting. Additionally, I’ll toss in a cheat meal in there once a week or so as I see fit. Mmm, onion strings.

Hot damn.
 Hot damn.

Moving Forward….

Every other Saturday, I’ll have a progress post up. If you have any questions or remarks about what I’m doing, please write in the comment section below. I will be completely transparent with everything that I do.

To all you skeptics who think that you need to do daily cardio and eat nothing but tilapia and asparagus to diet down (it breaks my heart to know that there are still people doing this), I’m here to prove you wrong.

This is gonna be a fun ride.