The Fitness Spectrum

There exists a fitness spectrum.

We’ll qualify “0″ as an individual who knows nothing about fitness and does not in any way, shape, or form live a healthy lifestyle. He is someone who is not only ignorant but also completely disinterested in proper eating and exercise. Picture a busy corporate employee who is consumed by his work; exercise consists of walking to and from meetings and he eats only what is readily available and convenient. Or perhaps you have an aspiring artist who spends the majority of the day lost in his in paintings. To him, food is an inconvenience, and working out merely detracts from the time he could be spent perfecting his masterpiece.

I'm honored to be one of the bloggers in Fitocracy's new Knowledge Center. There are a good number of super successful (and super goodlooking) folks on there contributing knowledge gems, so I encourage you to comb through everything there is to offer over there.

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