Actually, I burst out laughing when I saw that title. Here's what's up:

Hey, that's me... on the homepage of!
Hey, that's me... on the homepage of!

The background story: back in January, I got word from a number of employees at that my eating disorder story had somehow gotten in the hands of CEO  Ryan DeLuca and subsequently had been forwarded to the entire staff. A few e-mail exchanges later, I was asked to be featured as the Female Transformation of the Week. My jaw was on the floor. How could I say no?

Anyone who's so much taken a peek into the fitness industry knows how big is, so to be featured on their site is an absolute honor.

Click here to read the lowdown. I talk about what weightlifting means to me, I give a shout-out to intermittent fasting (wo0t!), aaand you get a peek into what my training sessions look like.