Physique Science Radio Episode 8: Eating Disorders

In case you missed it, there were two new podcast episodes that were published last week that you should check out.

With the first, I was a guest on Michael Matthews's Muscle for Life podcast. He asked me a lot of questions about metabolic adaptation and reverse dieting. I encourage you to give it a listen if you're still on the fence about reverse dieting:

As well, we launched our latest episode of Physique Science Podcast and this is my favorite yet. We had special guest Dr. Megan Klabunde with us and we talked all things eating disorders.

We covered topics such as dieting and its relation to eating disorders, fit shaming, and we also spent some time discussing, from a clinical standpoint, why I stopped intuitive eating. I learned a ton from her and we definitely could have gone on for hours.

Enjoy the listen!