It’s been a relatively quiet month on my blog here. As you know, I’ve only just begin my new job here as a strength coach at Tyler English Fitness. We’ve got some unusual hours that I’m still trying to get used to and I’ve been spending all my free time still trying to put together my furniture and get settled into my new home in the little town of Avon. There have been a lot of changes taking places even within the past few weeks at TEF, and I’ve been running to keep up (surprisingly yes, sometimes even literally).

I’m excited for everything to unfold in the upcoming months. This will mean a whole lot of work for me with only a sprinkling of sleep, but it will be well worth it. I apologize in advance if I’m a little slower than usual with my writing on here, but I’ve made the decision to hit the brakes for a bit to really solidify my foundation of knowledge. When I’m not coaching or training, I’ll be spending my time hittin’ the books so I can come back full force more powerful, more ready, and better equipped to knock your boots right off. Hell yes.

In the meantime, I’ll still be keeping up with social media – so I won’t fall off the face of the e-Fitness Planet by any means. I absolutely refuse to publish any kind of writing that’s not up to par in my eyes, so you can still expect any words I’m spitting out to be just as good as before. You can still reach me at and I’ll do my best to get back to you soon.

Will I still be lifting heavy ass shit and throwing back cow like it’s my job? Yes, I will. Still Tweeting up the wazoo? You bet. I’m not going anywhere – that much I can promise you.

Tyler English Fitness is in Entrepreneur magazine!

Yep, that just happened. Check out the October to see a snapshot of Tyler himself leading a metabolic group coaching class.
TEFS in Entrepreneur Magazine!
TEFS in Entrepreneur Magazine!

Listen to my podcast with the Jack-n-Out Connection!

I was contacted a number of weeks ago by the two folks behind the Jack-n-Out Connection series for an audio interview. We set up a Skype date on a Saturday afternoon and we got to chatting for well over an hour about everything from my terrible gum chewing habit to who would win between a wrestling match between Tyler English and Eric Cressey (note: I was not prepared for that question). Thanks to everyone who sent in questions and to those who have listened to me yap away so far!

Intermittent fasting, we meet again.

Yep, it’s happened. For those of you who are unaware, I began intermittent fasting close to a year ago and thrived on it. For someone with an appetite as big as mine, it was the perfect setup. After I finished school, however, and transitioned to a job requiring me to be on my feet for 8 hours a day, the morning hours with no food became to be too much, and I switched back to 5 meals over the summer. Well… as it turns out, I started my new job at Tyler English Fitness just over a month ago and found myself slipping back into intermittent fasting the busier I got. With some odd working hours, I’m often out the door before 5a.m. and I don’t return home until 9p.m. at night. The last thing I wanted to do was hang around in the kitchen longer than I needed to portion out my itty bity meals. It’s been approximately 2 weeks, and I’m back to consuming 2-3 meals a day (2p.m., 4p.m., and 8p.m., for those of you who are curious). I guess my body’s adjusted to the now 12-15 hours on my feet, as I feel perfectly energetic and alert despite the huge spike in NEAT. (Find out here if it's for you.)

Never underestimate the power of forming genuine relationships with your clients.

This one is something I’m becoming increasingly aware of as I spend more time out on the training floor as a strength coach. As an introvert, it’s difficult for me to put myself out there and be outgoing and personable all the time. It’s much easier for me to stand by the wall, observe the scene in front of me, and speak only when approached. But I absolutely cannot let that happen if I want to excel in what I do, so I’ve been constantly pushing myself past my comfort zone and pretending not to be shy and reserved. The repercussions of that have been beyond powerful. I see it as a win-win when the coach gets to know the client better – becoming more familiar with not just their training schedules but also their unique stories behind why and how they show up to workout everyday, which one of their children is stirring up trouble, and what coma-inducing food they inhaled at the Big E – and vice versa. It makes it that much more exciting for me to be at work when I feel like I’ve formed a bond (to any extent) with someone I’m coaching. And you know what? As a coach, you may be the sole reason a person shows up to the gym on some days. Despite feeling like shit, despite having gotten a crappy night of sleep, despite being tempted to stay in and curl up on the couch – they come because they know that you’re going to be there, ready to deliver a kickass workout and help them go back home feeling a trillion times better. Show that you care, that you’re there to help, and that you’re committed to accompanying them down the route to success, and you’ll have some very happy clients.

Your body is so much stronger than you will ever give it credit for.

This is another observation I’ve made in my few short months working with clients. The mind will play all sorts of tricks to convince you that there’s no way you can push or pull any heavier. As a strength coach, one of my responsibilities is to know when a client is capable of doing more. I’ve been known to pick up a heavier dumbbell, walk over to someone performing push presses, and swap weights with a smile and a nod. (This goes hand in hand with the point above: the client must trustthat you know they can safely lift those extra pounds, and that can only happen when you’ve formed a mutual coach-client relationship.) I can’t, I won’t, I don’t want to – get rid of those phrases from your head immediately. You will never know if you never try. Push yourself past your self-imposed limits... I dare you.

It’s not about where you start; it’s about where you finish.

This last point is something I was told over a year ago when my family visited one of my dad’s former coworkers who had climbed up to the top of the ladder in the corporate world for over 40 years. Despite what your friends and family might think of where you are right now in your life, keep your head down and continue to march steadfastly forward. If you know down in your heart of hearts where you want to eventually end up - if you’re aiming sky high and you’ve got the right attitude and a healthy dose of hustle – you will have no choice but to move up. You may be scraping together pennies now, but it will all pay off. If you’re sour because you’re an unpaid intern and you feel like you’re the resident janitor, change that mindset; mop that floor like it’s the best damn job in the world and that zeal will not go unnoticed. If you’re pissed because you feel like you’re being grossly underpaid for all the time and energy you put into your work, keep going, because you will soon be rewarded. Hustle, hustle, hustle, and have faith that this, too, shall pass.


And never stop getting better.