Hey everyone! It's getting frisky out here in Connecticut. I think we're supposed to have a snowstorm tomorrow - and I don't remember the last time this California native has had to go through anything worse than high-40s weather - so I am bracing myself for it. I can't believe how quickly this whole year has gone by... and November is already slipping through my hands as I type.

Here are some thoughts and some happenings from the month of October. Enjoy :)

California trip #1: Bay Area.

Earlier this month, I flew out back to what was known as my home for the past four years to attend a dear friend’s wedding. Man, do I miss that place. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hit with a wave of nostalgia - but I didn’t have any time to dwell on it. With just over 48 hours to soak up, my boyfriend and I swung by a store just hours before the big event to find me a pair of matching heels, caught a glimpse of the Stanford vs. Arizona football game (go Card!), and shimmied out the door. What a night it was. Though I’m not a fan of flying alone, knowing that a loved one would be waiting for me at the airport plus the fact that I’d promised my girlfriend over a year ago that I’d attend her wedding at all costs - this was well worth the hassle. Marci, I love you from the bottom of my heart!
 Me and my boyfriend at The Oval. I will always have a soft spot for Stanford.
Me and my boyfriend at The Oval. I will always have a soft spot for Stanford.

California trip #2: FMI Conference.

Just two weeks after my excursion to the Bay Area, I was back to the west coast (best coast!), but in southern California this time. The FMI Conference, which I attended last fall also, teaches you all about how to make a thriving career for yourself as a fitness professional, whether you're in entertainment, modeling, acting, writing, or what have you.What with some crazy hours at work as of late, I was having serious doubts about whether or not flying out for the second time so soon was a smart idea. But again, I left the conference a much more inspired, driven, educated person. I’ll be coming up with a post shortly that discusses the most important things I learned during my three days mingling with, listening to, and connecting to other fitness-minded aspiring professionals.

Eating Disorder Article - revisited. A few weeks ago, I banged out an article (in a rage, mind you) calling a troop together to help fight the good fight against eating disorders. This is something I’m very passionate about, having personally endured the hell for many years. You’ll notice that I’m not only very graphic in my text (you’ve been warned!) but I’m also very opinionated. There is a point to all of that. I can’t reveal details just yet, but let me say that there will be a good amount of follow-up with regards to that article. So if you’re in any way, shape, or form interested in the aftermath of eating disorders, stick around.

Umm... plan ahead. Take a lesson from my own  book and avoid having to open the fridge when you’re hungry to find this.

Don't let this be you. Although a steady diet of Mountain Dew and Chobani does sound enticing. Don't let this be you. Although a steady diet of Mountain Dew and Chobani does sound enticing....

Notes from the US.

Earlier this year when I was still a senior undergrad at Stanford, I was contacted by a fellow named Joseph Lightfoot. Dr. Lightfoot is a coach, writer, and all-around superstar who somehow manages to successfully juggle about a thousand things all at once. He currently heads the Move. Eat. Treat. campaign and is also the co-founder of Results, Inc. Read more about him here. Back in the spring, he embarked on a 10-week excursion at Stanford University and then Harvard University to spend time at the sports medicine departments. During his time, he took extensive notes (very meticulous, he is!) about every little thought and experience. He’s about as thorough as they come.
Joseph Lightfoot, Mr. British. 
Joseph Lightfoot, Mr. British.

Check out his finished work, “Notes from the US,” here. You won’t want to miss this.

A Strength Coach for Runners?

Yes, there really is such a thing - and a legitimate one at that! I contacted Jon-Erik Kawamoto not too long ago when I made the decision to pick up running again. Why?! I’ve been offered $5 million, duh. But in all seriousness, I wanted to support my boyfriend in the army (thanks for your service! I love you!) and I figured it would be a good opportunity to finally get back to cutting down my 1600m and 3200m times from my high school track days. Jon is the best of the best and knows all about how to still look good and stay strong while running. He’s been featured in Runner’s World and is a regular contributor to Canadian Running magazine, among others. So if you’re looking for someone to help you out in this regard, he’s your guy. (You can bet your ass I’ll be checking in regularly with updates on how my running endeavors are going. Still not doing steady-state cardio, by the way.)
Jon's transformation 
Jon's transformation

You can get a snippet of his writing here: “Get Your Butt in the Gym: Strength Exercises for Runners.

I’m back to writing!

It’s true, and I couldn’t be happier about it! As some of you are aware, writing is my greatest passion alongside fitness, and I unfortunately had to put it in the backseat for a bit because my new job was eating up a lot of my time. I found that I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with my day-to-day life because I was feeling unfulfilled without my words. I’ve shifted priorities now and have made the decision that writing is far too important to me to neglect, so I’m back in full force. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me here as well as in a number of other places ;)

Who's excited? I am!