Well, I guess I'm a New Yorker now.

The streets are insane.

Just me, Ollie, and Chester the mouse. What? Yeah, I just named him. He's taken up residence in my kitchen closet for the past, oh, 10 days or so. I figured I'd be kind enough to at least give the little guy a name. What say you? To be honest, this place reminds me a lot like my original hometown of Seoul. Busy streets where a normal pace is a steady clip of 3.7mph or more; shoving and pushing are not uncommon phenomenon amongst strangers; public transportation seems to be the medium of choice for commuting to and from work. There's no place here for lolly gaggers; no room for anyone who can't handle a rough shove every now and then. Fortunately I'm accustomed to high energy paced life and I do think I'm adjusting quite well here, if I may say so myself.

I guess you could say that New York City is the epitome of convenience, no? And I'm all about convenience - even (especially) when it comes to dieting.

Never stop learning.

I'm almost positive I've written something about this before, but it's worth repeating. I remember back in school when we'd be assigned mandatory reading on a regular basis. Especially with the Human Biology major, we'd be delegated upwards of 50+ pages of scientific text to learn and absorb by 9a.m. the next morning. It definitely hurt and it was all too easy to fall behind - but regular checkins like problem sets, midterms, and finals kept us on our toes for the most part. But out here in the real world, I'm learning that there's no such system out here to keep us accountable.

Interestingly enough, taking up residence in the Big Apple has forced me to read more. Sitting in the subway for over an hour everyday with no 3G available to keep me entertained has me resorting to my Kindle to help pass the time. To that end, I've been downloading books left and right and it's been nothing short of incredibly refreshing to know that I'm making use of every minute of my day.

Gems I've recently read: The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Never Eat Alone, The Little Black Book of Fitness Business Success. All nonfiction for entrepreneurs looking to make it big in the fitness industry - or any industry, for that matter.

Miscellaneous Musings of the Month: March 2013 Edition 
Functional Movement Systems

Currently reading: Functional Movement Systems by Gray Cook, as well as a cheesy fiction book that I won't tell you about because it's, umm, embarrassing.

I now have my NSCA-CSCS. Cool, huh? The end.

Dan Trink is a thief.

What, you think that just because I'm working at the #1 best gym in America now (totally unbiased opinion, by the way) that I will only speak highly of my fellow trainers? You're dead wrong. You know what happened the other day? I witnessed something with my own eyes. Dan Trink - of Trink Fitness - I mean the Dan Trink himself - he stole. He stole… from… umm, CrossFit. Yeah, he did. I was appalled at first because he was just so damn open about it. I mean he was practically announcing it to the world. The audacity!

All kidding aside, I really like his recent piece up on T-Nation about 4 things he stole from Crossfit. While I do agree with the training methods he uses and implement several of them myself, the one that I feel most strongly about is his last point regarding community. Someone asked me the other day what my thoughts on Crossfit were and, in a nutshell, I told him that while I may question the safety of some of their programming, the one thing that they definitely do right - that most other gyms do wrong - is foster a strong sense of community and support. You don't really see that often, as evidenced by meatheads all doing their own thing in their corners with their earphones smashed into their ears, cardio bunnies bouncing away on the ellipticals with their faces buried in US Weekly, and the random lady on the left reading the newspaper as she sits on the leg extension machine. Huh? How is that supposed to get more people to fall in love with fitness? People should see working out as the highlight of their day, not a source of dread and boredom. CrossFit has been unusually effective at accomplishing this, which explains why the movement's spread like wildfire.

Yes, Crossfit does have its perks. 
Yes, Crossfit does have its perks.

I like it. I really, really like it.

Check out the rest of his article here: 4 Things I've Stolen from Crossfit.

Online group coaching is up and running!

The first group of ladies has begun their 8-week journey to ready their physiques for the fast-approaching summertime. The group camaraderie is great and I'm excited to see all that they can accomplish over these next 56 days. Want to hop on the next train?


Head on over here for more information.

Strong Curves is out. 

I wanted to save the best for last. Bret Contreras and Kellie Hart Davis teamed up and recently published their book, Strong Curves, and it's now available on Amazon. They were kind enough to mail me an advance copy about a month ago and I flipped through that baby in less than a day. Ladies, you want this book. I'm serious, you do. In fact, I'm probably going to follow one of their programs from this book next month because I trust Bret and Kellie's expertise 100%. Here's my review:

"If you know absolutely nothing about training and nutrition, start here. If you've been dabbling in fitness and you're still on that quest for shapelier glutes, look no further. Bret Conteras and Kellie Davis have produced the ultimate guide to finally sculpting that butt you've been after. More than just a training program slapped together with pretty pictures, Strong Curves covers just about everything you've ever wondered about building your dream physique. Bret doesn't just tell you what to do; he also explains the science behind it all in layman terms. As a Human Biology major, I struggled in college to wrap my head around many of the scientific concepts that just didn't come naturally to me, and I fought it every step of the way. Bret's writing was surprisingly painless to move through - and entertaining to boot - and for that I am grateful."

Now available on Amazon.com! 
Now available on Amazon.com!

Get it now.