Hey folks, I realize that we’re a number of days into August already, but I’d appreciate it if we could all overlook for just a few minutes the fact that July is well gone by now. For the sake of this post. Sound good? Good.

What a month it has been! July has flown by and I’m only just realizing now that I’ve been working as an intern at Cressey Performance for over a month now. The days really just start to blur together when the hours are long and you come home exhausted every night. I’m practically shitting rainbows over how much I’ve been learning and the incredible people I’ve met so far. Boston is wicked nice, too - though a part of miss does feel a twinge of longing for California, my home for the past seven years.

Enough rambling, though. Without further ado, I present to you the miscellaneous musings of the month of July.

Change is good. I mean really, it is. I’m reaping the benefits of change now more than ever in my life. To think that I was on the verge of turning down the internship offer to come out here only because I was afraid to leave what had been familiar to me for so long... it makes me shudder. I’ve let go of my previous attachments to people, things, places, etc. - and I feel so free. I came out here essentially starting my life from scratch with zero friends that I knew in the area. I was armed with two bags’ worth of clothes and a pocketful of hope. I’m having the best summer of my life by far, and that’s all thanks to everyone I’ve crossed paths with here and the adventures I’ve been on. And now? Now I’ve got exactly one month left here before I pack up my bags again and ship myself off to the next new phase of my life. Where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing are details that I’m still working out right now, but suffice to say that I am ready and willing to go wherever I need to go for the sake of my career.
The summer 2012 CP wolfpack. 
The summer 2012 CP wolfpack.
Do people ever get sick of counting reps all day? This thought has crossed my mind a number of times before and, though it may seem silly, it has to make you wonder. Let’s say you have a total of 15 working sets in a given training session. Add to that, maybe 10 warmup sets. How many different times are you counting up from 1? Do you count up or down? I personally have yet to get sick of counting reps, but I also haven’t been lifting for 20 years. Numbers, numbers, numbers....
The next FMI conference is approaching fast! If you remember one of my very first posts on this site, I mentioned attending last fall’s Fitness Model International conference (which is not a modeling agency but rather a career development production) in southern California and coming away with the drive that I needed to kickstart my fitness career. I learned what it takes to make it in the industry, regardless of what goal I had, networked with some well-known folks, and also had some photoshoots to boot (so yes, I am in full prep mode right now). This year’s conference will take place from October 18th to 20th in Newport Beach, California. There are still spots open now, so if you have half a mind to become a fitness model, entrepreneur, entertainer, or fitness personality, you really don’t want to miss out on this. I mean, really. I will be there.
The FMI is approaching fast! The FMI is approaching fast!
K&J Productions is the bomb. I first approached Kevin Morton, one of my classmates whom I’ve known since my freshman year of college, about upgrading my website design. He and his girlfriend have been running a small web design business for a number of months now, so I saw that as a win-win situation for us to collaborate and come up with something great. We exchanged numerous e-mails as we fleshed out the vision that I had in mind. Kevin and Jordan have been incredibly professional, prompt, and overwhelmingly helpful with this whole process. About a month ago, we unveiled my new website design - what you’re looking at right now. I’m impressed with their work, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be sticking around with them for a while. They’ve certainly risen above and beyond my expectations with extra features I’ve been bugging them about to add on for me. If any of you are looking for a company to help you with either setting up your very first website or taking your current one to the next level, Kevin and Jordan are the ones you want to hit up. They’re quick, professional, affordable. Two thumbs up from me.
Raspberry ricotta protein pancakes are my new favorite breakfast food. One of my fitness chicas up in Canada started a food blog called The Bikini Baker last year. Jennie has some mouth-watering recipes that are figure-friendly, and I’ve had fun browsing through her collection. I have to say, however, when she posted about her raspberry ricotta protein pancakes, I knew I had to try them right away. I made a trip out to the grocery store that very night just to get the ingredients that I needed, and I whipped it all up the next morning. In spite of my mediocre cooking abilities (I’m working on that!), I still somehow had a party explosion in my mouth. Oh my. These are a little higher on the carb count, so I’d recommend saving them for a heavy training day. You won’t be sorry.
Tempted to make some right now....
Tempted to make some right now....
I have some new training goals.I’ve been working with Bret Contreras, the Glute Guy, since the beginning of the summer. He sent me a training program and I went to work hammering out my glutes every training session. His setup is different from anything else I’ve tried before, and so far I’m having a blast. I’ve since discovered that the strongest bodypart of mine is my glutes by far. So I’ve set some new training goals that I’d like to reach within the next two or so months:
Barbell glute bridges 405 x 10 (currently at 305 x 10)
Hip thrusts 315 x 10 (currently at 250 x 6)

    These are the main ones, though there are others (eg. weighted chinups, overhead sloshpipe carries, glute ham raises). I’ll be sure to get a video of them up once I finally reach them. You can never set goals too high, right? Dream big!

    Conditioning is fun. I despise steady-state cardio, but metabolic work gets me riled up in kind of a sick, twisted masochistic way. The other female intern Molly and I have been having a wild time coming up with conditioning workout ideas for us to do together, either as a metabolic finisher or in its own separate session. I like it because there’s no way I can get bored, it’s efficient, and it really kicks my ass. Only have 4 minutes? That’s fine, we’ll do some Tabata-style kettlebell swings. More time? I’ll drive over to the nearby college and run some stadium stairs. Raining outside? Grab a kettlebell and do a circuit at home. Though Bret told me he doesn’t think I need to do any conditioning or cardio to be in shape, I’ve made the decision to throw it in 3-4 times a week because I enjoy it.
    A snapshot of yesterday's metabolic finisher. OH sledgehammer hits, burpees, and tire flips at Cressey Performance. 
    A snapshot of yesterday's metabolic finisher. OH sledgehammer hits, burpees, and tire flips at Cressey Performance.
    I’m starting the training highlight of the month. I came up with the idea not too long ago that, at the end of every month, I would post a video of a training highlight. The plan is to film multiple clips of me executing my working set of whatever I think is my best lift of the month. I’ve taken to not only logging my workouts on Fitocracy but also keeping one of those old-school hard copy training journals that I carry around with me in the gym. This has been it easy for me to flip through the pages and spot some lifting number that I’ve circled or highlighted. For July, the lift that I am most proud of is my 305 x 10 supine bridge. As it stands, I’m currently 100lbs away from my ultimate goal of 405 x 10 (that’s 4 big plates per side!) but I’m confident that I can get there as long as I’m consistent and I’m diligent about eating my red meat. And raspberry ricotta pancakes.

      That’s it for now. It’s a beautiful Saturday out and I’m off to run some stairs. Honestly, it’s the last thing I want to do right now - but you have to do what you need to do, whether you feel like it or not, in order to be a winner. Am I right or am I right?