I want to show you something.

Voila - an instant transformation!

On the left, I am slouching and protruding my belly and the lighting is bad - and my tongue is sticking out.

On the right - 30 seconds later - I'm striking a pose. Hip out, everything flexed, and you betcha I was sucking in my abs.

I do NOT walk around like, "Hey guys oh don't mind me, just walking around with my abs looking phenomenal. Isn't life just splendid? Whoop-dee-doo!" It's more like, "Guyz I am really little and can you please help me grab that can of tomato sauce up on that top shelf?!"

The reality is, progress pictures don't tell the whole story. When people choose to share their pics on social media, OF COURSE they are going to want to present the best version of themselves - myself included!

Be careful not to compare your everyday normal self to the heavily filtered and staged photos you see on social media.