Client Transformation: this is what #winning looks like

Today's testimonial comes from a long-term client of mine, M, who has been with me for almost a year. She leaned out through the summer of 2014 and then switched to reverse dieting in the fall.

M's long-term transformation 
M's long-term transformation

In the first photo, she started out at 144lbs. She was "intuitive eating", lifting 4x/week, and performing HIIT 3-4x/week. This is all before she came to work with me.

M writes:

Sometime between photo 1 and 2, I got your How to Count Macros ebook and lowered my calories to 1900 and then to 1800. Granted I considered olive oil a 'free food' and was not measuring my food. Just estimating but tracking. My protein was way too high, fats too high and carbs were way too low.

Using my e-book, she dieted off 10lbs on her own. When her progress stalled, she reached out to me in June. See photo 2.

Pick up a copy of my e-book if you want to learn how to count macros. 
Pick up a copy of my e-book if you want to learn how to count macros.

By late November, we got her down to 117lbs with 3 full inches off her waist and 4.5 inches off her hips (photo 3). We utilized a no-food-restrictions approach, lifted heavy weights four days a week, and we sprinkled in some conditioning. No steady-state cardio.

Since then, we have been reverse dieting for the past few weeks. Her calories are now up to 2,000 calories per day and she is actually maintaining her measurements.

Here's what she has to say:

Our work together has been pretty amazing.... This includes my work work to change my diet (via your e-book) even before contacting you and then our 1:1 nutrition/fitness coaching.

My posture is better, and I've gained muscle and lost fat! I am eating way more carbs than ever before and feel like I have a very good sense about what healthy eating/diet/exercise is right for my mind and body.

Thank you for putting science out there in the public and teaching people that physique improvement can occur without food restriction/ developing disordered eating. I am excited to get to my maintenance calorie levels and stay there....

I don't think I will ever want to diet again.

I plan on a life of mindful eating - being aware of my maintenance macros and killing it at the gym approx 4x a week. Perhaps I may want to do more powerlifting in the future. I will have fun seeing what happens to my mind/body over a lifetime of eating well and lifting.

This, my friends, is what I call #winning.

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