Bikini Body Days 4-7

It's weird.

I don't remember the last time I've gone this long without having some kind of sweet or junk food. I'm going on 10 days now (I started a few days early) with no dairy, no fruit except for blueberries and bananas, no nuts, no Ezekiel bread, nada. Oh yeah, and no Swedish fish. (Can we have a brief moment of silence please?)

I've stuck 100% to the food list in my previous post, and it's been quite the adjustment, I have to say. Normally I have some kind of nut butter a few times a week or at least a small handful of almonds. I was afraid that the stark absence of bacon would make my life feel a little empty, but I've been doing surprisingly okay so far.

Kind of.

Let me tell you about the night of day 5, when I had such a huge hankering for cashews that I paced my kitchen for a good 5 minutes. There was an inner battle going on. Finally I opened my cabinets, ripped open the jar, and popped two cashews in my mouth.

They sat on my tongue for about 10 seconds as I debated the pros and cons of my decision. Pros: yummy goodness for about 3 seconds. Cons: immediate remorse, likely followed by my inhaling the rest of the jar as I hide under my kitchen table in shame, and then my having to tell you all about how I can't even stick to something for a full week.

Oh, but cashews are so delicious! And healthy fats! But they're not allowed on the food list. But why not! But it's only 60 days and I can do anything for that long. But I want them and I want them now!

Back and forth, back and forth. Eventually I shuffled over to my trash can and spit those babies out. I blinked.

What, seriously? Did I really just spit out food that had been sitting on my tongue, soclose to consumption? I sure did. And that, my friend, is something that I'm weirdly proud of.

Or how about day 7, when my stress levels were through the roof as I fought valiant battles against the post office, leasing company, car dealership, and moving company all at once. I was exhausted and tense and my patience was wearing thin at an alarming rate. I'd spent the majority of the day packing up my apartment, so most of my belongings were already taped up in numerous boxes. This included my emergency chocolate bar, which I'd very intentionally stuffed at the bottom of a random box.

By the end of the night, though, that chocolate bar sounded like an awfully good idea. I'd already opened and shut my refrigerator door about a dozen times at that point, and for reasons I couldn't understand, there was stillno yummy junk appearing on the fridge shelves. (I wonder why that is?) So. I tore upon one of the boxes that I'd so meticulously put together and tossed everything out just to get that piece of heaven. I held it in my hands and took a big whiff. So sweet. And milky smooth. It would surely solve all my problems and make me feel better, no?

That's when my rational voice kicked in and talked me out of doing something that I'd invariably regret the next morning.

The end result? No chocolate for me.

Sohee: 2. Chocolate: 0.

Couldn't decide between black or red bikini bottoms... eventually settled for red. 
Couldn't decide between black or red bikini bottoms... eventually settled for red.

Some of you may be wondering right now, what's it like to be on an eating program that's more restricted in food choice than what I'm used to? As you might have gleaned from above, it certainly hasn't been easy for me. I'm used to fitting the occasional treat into macros. I've put on my Tough Girl pants, though, and I'm sucking it up for these next two months. It's also been really awesome in many ways, on the flip side, as I've never eaten this healthily in my life. I'm not eating any processed foods, I'm consuming lots of probiotics in the form of sauerkraut and kimchi (mom, can you make some homemade for me? please?), my coffee is low acid and myotoxin-free, and I'm chowing down on more veggies than ever.

Perhaps more interestingly, however, the more difficult part has been extending my 8-hour feeding window into 10 hours, as recommended by Jay. You see, in the mornings, food is the last thing on my mind. Give me a cup o' joe and I'm all set for the whole morning. It usually isn't until 1 or 2pm that the hunger kicks in and I stray over to the kitchen to whip something up. I train in the afternoons, have my PWO meal, and then dinner normally follows at approximately 7pm. And that evening meal is by far my biggest and most satisfying one of the day. Think 1,000+ Calories consisting of a meat, a pile of rice or sweet potatoes, and a side of veggies. Yup.

What's great, though, is that I'm eating an average of 1,800 Calories a day and my carb intake ranges anywhere from 0 to 250 grams. This is more than I've ever had and I've dropped a pound in the past week. Say what now? My maintenance Calories were somewhere between 1,600 to 1,800 before this, so we're working on bumping that up to get my metabolism cranking again, which will result in a harder, leaner look. My body temperature has ranged anywhere from 96.8 to 97.9 degrees, which isn't stellar, but it's been steadily increasing.

All in all, I'm proud to report that my compliance is still at 100% and I'm feeling great. Energy levels are sky high, attitude is positive, mojo is intact.

I'm looking forward to what the next 7 days will bring.