Ban No Foods

This is one of my favorite teaching lessons when it comes to convincing people why placing foods *off* limits is a bad idea:

For five minutes, your task is to *not* think of a turquoise whale. That's it.
If the image of a turquoise whale pops into your head at any point within those five minutes, you lose.

Got it?

Don't think of a turquoise whale.
Don't think of a turquoise whale.
Don't think of a turquoise whale.


Don't think of me. Don't! 
Don't think of me. Don't!

Do you realize how such a feat is virtually impossible?

By saying *not* to do X, we actually unintentionally bring even *more* attention and focus onto said task.

How many of us would have thought of a turquoise whale on our own accord today? Probably close to zero.

It's the same thing that happens when you say that you can never eat chocolate, for example. Maybe you were fine around the sweet treat before, but now, it's all you can think about.

Now you're *obsessed* with chocolate.

And if you obsess and obsess and obsess, eventually, your actions will move in the direction of your thoughts.

All of it.

(Does this remind you of all of the "food porn" that dieters and competitors like to re-post and drool over?)

The moral of the story: Everything is game. Ban no foods.