5 Re-Mastered Deadlifting Cues

If you watch an inexperienced lifter getting ready to perform a deadlift, you'll see that they usually look like they're concentrating very, very hard. This is because they're trying desperately to remember all the cues they've read or heard and make their body follow them in exactly the right order. Yeah, the deadlift is that kind of movement.

Read someone's lips, and you'll probably see some of the following:

  • Neutral spine
  • Tucked chin
  • Tight lats
  • Feet in, knees out
  • Full hip extension at the top

These are the classic deadlift cues, and they're totally legit. Unfortunately, thinking them is not always effective in getting people to do them. Somewhere between the Internet and the platform, a lot can get lost, whether from lack of bodily awareness or simple lack of experience. This can result in you struggling and straining to get that bar up, putting stress where it shouldn't go, and perhaps hurting yourself in the process.


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