They're baaaaaaack!

Just a smidge over a year ago, I published 50 Signs You're a Fitness Buff and it went viral. The idea came to me because I found myself spending hours on other animated gifs sites and I realized there hadn't been one made for fitness.

Today I bring to you a similar post, but this time, it's just for chicks. Remember to go into this with a sense of humor and understand that the point of this is to make you maybe crack a smile. Or Two.

Most of these come to me from personal experience - some recent, others not. Ladies, I'm sure you can relate to much of what you're about to see.

(Also, I take absolutely zero credit for any of these gifs. They're all from whatshouldwecallme - I suggest you head on over there for a good laugh.)

Guys, I haven't forgotten about you. After meeting Paul Mihalescu this past weekend in NYC and finding that we had a lot in common regarding not only fitness views but also character traits, life missions, and personal backgrounds, it wasn't hard to tell that this guy was a force to be reckoned with. Though only 21, he's quickly rising up in the fitness world, and you can bet your ass you'll be seeing a lot more of him around. I invited him last night to put together the male version of this post, and he happy obliged. We stayed up 'till the wee hours of the morning putting the final finishing touches on these, so we hope you enjoy them.

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Let's find out.

1. When you've finally perfected your protein pancakes:

2. When you get on the scale, you're like -

but you check your waist measurement and you're like:

3. When that chick raves about her hardcore workout... on the... elliptical... you're like:

4. When you try to squeeze into your dress and it won't go past your butt since you've been hip thrusting, it's like:

and you're like:

5. When you bring tuna to the office:

6. When you stumble on another fitness recipes blog:

and then your work productivity goes like:

7. When your girlfriend talks about her juice fast for her upcoming vacation, she's like:

and you're pretending to be interested like:

8. When your girlfriends talk about "toning" up their thighs and spot reducing the fat on their abs:

9. When your girlfriend insists you try this organic cookie that's low fat and therefore is totally healthy for you:

10. Checking out at the Lululemon cash register, when you realize what the total is:

but you pause for only a split second before you're like:

and then you go up to your friends like:

11. When you run out of sports bras to wear to the gym:

12. After 5 minutes on the treadmill:

13. When you see another girl lifting heavy in the gym, at first you're like:

 and then you're like:

But then you realize that not only are you two wearing the same outfit:

but she's stronger than you, too:

14. When you can lift more than the guy next to you:

15. When the perfect song comes on just as you're about to attempt a PR:

16. When that cute guy hitting on you says he loves "kettle balls" too:

17. When you catch a guy staring at you doing deadlifts:

18. After your metabolic finisher, you want to be like:

 but then you remember:

19. When your girlfriends go to Jamba Juice and you pull out your protein shake:

20. When you pick up your order of Quest Nutrition cookie dough bars:

21. When you try to sneak a scoop of your boyfriend's protein powder:

22. And when he says you shouldn't lift because you'll look gross:

23. When Bret Contreras tells you you have nice glutes, at first you're like:

 but then you're like:

24. When you learn that Sohee offers online coaching services and spots are filling up:

25. When you have to put on heels for a few hours:

26. When you finally wear something besides yoga pants, everyone's like:

27. When everyone asks where your boyfriend is:

28. When someone tries to talk to you about anything besides fitness:

29. Nomming on your last meal of the day:

30. When your friends accuse you of being addicted to fitness:


Head over here to read the guys' version: 30 Signs You're a Gym Rat (Dude).