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One of my best friends sent this to me this morning.

Caloric equivalents of some of our favorite treats.

Caloric equivalents of some of our favorite treats.


Here’s the problem with this kind of scare tactic:

It doesn’t actually help anyone over the long-term.

Sure, maybe the exercise and calorie equivalents are well-intentioned, and it may certainly make you think twice before indulging in a treat, but the mentality that you *have* to burn off any kind of sugar you eat via exercise is misguided.

“Oh, I’ll only eat this Almond Joy if I know that I can burn it off by doing some Tabatas afterward.”
“A stick of gum? No worries, that’s one lap around the neighborhood.”

This is how eating disorders begin.

Here’s a newsflash: it’s entirely possible to thoroughly enjoy a treat in moderation and move on with your life.

No guilt.
No compensatory behavior.

And listen. Just because it’s a special time of year does not mean that you have to eat ALL the candy.

The candy’s not going anywhere.

(Seriously, it’s not.)

Who says that if I don’t eat this Heath bar, that I won’t be able to go to the store and purchase some a month from now?
Who says that I *have* to eat everything in front of me right this very instant?

Candy is not necessarily a fat-gaining food. If you’re smart about your consumption and you take into context the rest of your day’s eats, it’s entirely possible to maintain your current shape – or hell, even lean out – while enjoying these kinds of treats.

Remember: nobody got fat from eating one cookie.

This is the kind of bullshit that really grinds my gears.

Oh, and happy Halloween.

I lift for a hundred different reasons; I eat right for a hundred and one.

To be able to move well and feel good about my body – regardless of my physical shape, regardless of my bodyfat level – that, to me, is empowering.

With every rep, I pull myself that much further away from the eating disorder demons of my past. I slap on some more weight and squat – because I’m a survivor.

With every bite of food, I keep my promise to myself to practice self-compassion and love, to stay properly fueled at all times.

Because it’s not actually about fitness.

It’s about becoming the best version of me.

Today, I’m thriving.

In love with my life - every aspect of it.

In love with my life – every aspect of it.

And this smile? Is genuine.

No barbell? No problem.

Today, I share with you the hotel gym workout I snuck in while I was in Kansas City for my cousin’s wedding this past weekend.

As luck would have it, the hotel we were staying at did have some dumbbells along with a few select weight machines.

I only had 30 minutes to get my sweat on, so I knew I would have to make the most of every minute.

I opted for a lower body circuit-style training session.

Here’s what I did:

A1. DB front squats x10
A2. Single-leg DB Romanian deadlifts x10ea
A3. DB reverse lunge
A4. Feet-elevated BW glute bridge x20

At the end of each round, I rested for approximately one minute before repeating it again.

If the single-leg DB Romanian deadlifts are tough to do due to balance, you can either hang onto a pole with one hand while you perform them or you can just do bilateral DB Romanian deadlifts instead.

I used 20lb dumbbells for the front squats and Romanian deadlifts, and 15lb dumbbells for the reverse lunges.

I completed four total rounds before I ran out of time.

I’d recommend anywhere between 4-6 rounds and, of course, adjust the weights and reps as necessary.

I’m back with the second episode of the Q&A series with Sohee!

This week is a nutrition topic once again, and I delve into the following question:

“What is the one thing that surprised you the most about flexible dieting?” 

I share my experience and I invite you to contribute as well!

I’ve started a new YouTube Q&A series on my channel this week.

I’ve been fielding questions from readers and picking one to dive into in a video log.

This week, I answered the question: “How do you make the transition from clean eating to flexible dieting?”

Ambiguous definitions aside, I thought this was a really, really great question and one that could benefit just about anybody.

If you have any other fitness-related (training, nutrition, mindset, career etc.) questions that you’d like to toss at me, comment below!


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