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It’s 6:30a.m. and my phone’s alarm is gently sing-songing me awake. I have a client at 8o’clock and, with a 30-minute commute and a dog to walk beforehand, I don’t have the most wiggle room to dilly-dally.

Except at that moment, I really don’t care. I couldn’t care less.

My mind is doing hoops, trying to justify hitting the snooze button. I’ll just shower faster, I tell myself as I face-plant back into my pillow.

6:39a.m. I know I’ll feel more alert and refreshed if I give myself ample time to get ready right now. But at the same time, Who gives a crap – I hate everything. Snooze*.


It’s time for “clean eating” to die.

Actually, it was time for it to die many years ago. Yet for some reason, it still perpetuates today.

This makes me sad. And it irks me.

But the truth is, it’s not that “clean eaters” are out to deceive the rest of the world. In fact, I’d argue that most simply don’t know.

If you’re a “clean eater,” you may have made some snarky remark a time or two about us flexible dieters being unhealthy. Perhaps you’ve even commented on our moral character – we’re bad people, we’re going to hell for eating pretzels, we should be ashamed of ourselves because we eat our baked potatoes with butter. The gall!


My job is to spread the gospel of flexible dieting. Let me show you the truth and the way and the light to food freedom.


I haven’t been counting macros for the past few months.

And it’s been glorious.

Allow me to explain.

Yes, I’m well aware that this may appear to be an oxymoron, given that I just recently published my e-book, How to Count Macros. But if you’ve purchased the product and you’ve read through it (thank you!), you’ll notice that I made it very clear that counting macros is situation-specific.



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