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Alright, you’ve decided that hiring an online coach is the best option for you. Where do you go from here? How do you weed through the multitude of online coaches floating around on the Internet to find one that’s a good fit for you?

First things first: I know you’re probably very excited and eager to get started on your new fitness journey to become a better you, sexier version of yourself, etc. etc. But trust me when I say that it’s worth investing a good bit of time and energy into finding someone who is not only qualified and credible but also has your best interests in mind. While there are a handful of good coaches out there, there are unfortunately far more who are only looking to take your money with complete disregard for your health and sanity.


If you’re one of my fellow Frequent Flyer Club members, you know how difficult it can be to stay on a regular training schedule. With limited access to quality gyms, an agenda of back-to-back-to-back meetings, and the ever-constant pull to cozy up in your freshly made bed and watchFriends reruns in the evening, fitness quickly moves down the priority list.

If hotel gyms were 6,000-foot elite training facilities, this wouldn’t be the case. As it is, their dumbbells top out at 50 pounds—if you’re lucky—and the exercise equipment is usually limited to the creaky ol’ treadmill, a half-inflated Swiss ball, and a laughable ab device of indeterminate origin.


Alright, you’ve set a fitness goal. Get stronger. Get leaner. Get faster. Woohoo! So exciting. I’m pumped for you. I’m sending you positive vibes as I type this right now in celebration of your impending journey.


(Positive vibes. Get it? GET IT?)

Hang on there. I know you’re eager to get the ball rolling, but instead of diving headfirst into researching all the different trainers out there, I would very strongly recommend that you pause for a minute and think about what your needs are. Figure this out first, and you’ll save yourself a good amount of time by narrowing your search.

Should you work with an in-person trainer? An online coach? Or have at it solo? Let’s find out.


All things will pass in time. I’ve just returned form a 5-day sojourn in Georgia to see my boyfriend graduate from ranger school after 12 weeks. I remember dropping him off at Camp Rodgers three months ago, feeling hopeless on my drive back home because I couldn’t possibly fathom surviving the next few months without him around. Crazy to think that I was still living in Connecticut at the time. I’ve since been hired at one of the top gyms in America, made the move to the Big Apple, and continued to expand my business – all things I didn’t think I’d be able to do without my man to help me (or at least listen to me whine). But it’s now three months later and he’s back in the real world. I’m alive and well; he’s alive and kind of skinny but otherwise healthy.



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