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Hi Sohee, 

I came upon your blog by chance and I’m now a fan! I’m someone who is dedicated to eating healthy and exercising. I am 5 ft and weigh around 88 pounds. My BMI is underweight but  I like the way I am right now. My parents feel that the way I’m living now is not healthy and I am obsessed with my weight. They think I have an eating disorder and that I overexercise. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, meat and fat yet they say my diet is not complete as I don’t consume rice! They said that I need carbs for energy and it must be carbs in the form of wheat, rice etc. I exercise at high intensity (Insanity bodyweight workouts) about 45 minutes 4 times a week. My goal would ultimately to get visible abs but right now I am just thin with only slightly visible abs (which only can be seen after a workout and is gone after a meal). I don’t mind gaining some weight, but I want to gain muscle mass and not fat. My parents won’t me consume any form of supplements eg. protein powders. I really need your advice on thinking and doing the right thing and to clear the misunderstanding between my  family. Hope to hear from you soon.


Let’s say you have a nutrition coach who is helping you reach your fitness goals. Or alternatively, you’ve read some article online and calculated your own macros. Perhaps you’re dieting. Maybe you want to shed some fat or perhaps you’re trying to pack on some quality muscle mass. You’ve already invested a good amount of time into learning what all the different macronutrients are and what they’re good for. After assessing your unique scenario, you’ve determined that counting your macros is a good idea for your unique situation, and the next step for you to do is to implement this new nutrition program.

But you’re not exactly sure how to go about doing this. Others seem to effortlessly fall within 2 grams of their target macros day after day, and yet here you are, consistently falling short on your protein and over-consuming your carbohydrates.

You’re frustrated because you understand that you won’t make progress unless you’re adhering to your allotted numbers, but it’s not for lack of effort that you don’t successfully follow through.


To macro, or not to macro? That is the question I pose.

But first, what does “to macro” mean? “To macro” means tracking the number of grams of proteincarbohydrates, and fats you consume on a particular day. Bodybuilders and physique competitors have mastered this art and have no qualms about whipping out their food scale at any given moment. For the rest of us, it means going out and buying a scale, taking the time to do the measurements and calculations, and perhaps most imposing of all, setting aside the mental bandwidth to actually care about the results.

So should you do it? It depends.


There exists a fitness spectrum.

We’ll qualify “0″ as an individual who knows nothing about fitness and does not in any way, shape, or form live a healthy lifestyle. He is someone who is not only ignorant but also completely disinterested in proper eating and exercise. Picture a busy corporate employee who is consumed by his work; exercise consists of walking to and from meetings and he eats only what is readily available and convenient. Or perhaps you have an aspiring artist who spends the majority of the day lost in his in paintings. To him, food is an inconvenience, and working out merely detracts from the time he could be spent perfecting his masterpiece.


It’s weird.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve gone this long without having some kind of sweet or junk food. I’m going on 10 days now (I started a few days early) with no dairy, no fruit except for blueberries and bananas, no nuts, no Ezekiel bread, nada. Oh yeah, and no Swedish fish. (Can we have a brief moment of silence please?)

I’ve stuck 100% to the food list in my previous post, and it’s been quite the adjustment, I have to say. Normally I have some kind of nut butter a few times a week or at least a small handful of almonds. I was afraid that the stark absence of bacon would make my life feel a little empty, but I’ve been doing surprisingly okay so far.

Kind of.


You have to try this dessert. I don’t care if you’re dieting or trying to gain mass or you just like to eat food that tastes good and that’s it. This meets all of those requirements. This dessert is for everyone who loves dessert – and I mean absolutely everyone. Unless you hate coconut. In which case, we probably shouldn’t be friends anyway.

Jay’s image, not mine

Packed with quality protein and healthy fats, this is the perfect bedtime meal. You know what I like best about this? It only takes me 3 minutes to whip up. The less time I have to spend in the kitchen, the happier I am, and this just took healthy dessert to a whole ‘bother level.



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