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I used to think it was impossible. Shedding fat over the holidays, I mean. Not only did I think it was impossible, but it was also rather, ahh, stupid. Why restrict yourself to chicken and brown rice when the yummiest time of year doesn’t come by everyday? Yes, I’m a proponent of flexible dieting, but there’s something a little absurd about carving out the tiniest sliver of grandma’s apple crumble because you don’t want to go over your macros.

I tried dieting over the holidays once. It was hilarious. Not only did I miss out on my mother’s home cooking, but I also put on some weight. (And by “some” I mean 15lbs in less than a month. Such a joyful time.) I deprived myself so much and drove myself crazy being around all the cookies and holiday treats that I completely depleted my willpower storage and ended up secretly binging in the kitchen night after night. There’s nothing happy about happy holidays if you’re spending it alone with your head stuck in the fridge.

How’s that for ironic?


Every once in a while, I receive an e-mail from a reader of mine asking for help. They’re often confused and frustrated with all the conflicting information they’ve been reading and simply want some guidance.

As much as I would love to take the time to drastically change the lives of any and all who reach out to me, however, sometimes it’s just not feasible for me to sit down, read, and respond to loooooooooooong notes. (As a hint to you folks, if you ever want to exponentially increase your chance of hearing back from someone via e-mail, keep your message short. Like 10 sentences maximum short. I promise you, there will be days when your sagas will be skipped entirely due to its length and length alone, no matter what you have to say.)

But I hate leaving people in the dust – especially if they’ve taken time out of their day to contact me – so I came up with this idea. Whenever I receive a question(s) that is frequently asked and that I believe can benefit many many others readers out there, I’ll post it here on my website. This is the first edition of Ask SoheeFit.


Often dubbed the “king of exercises,” the back squat offers a whole host of benefits, including but not limited to: stronger and meatier legs, a rock-hard behind, and extra points on the bad-assery scale. For better or worse, “How much ya squat?” is the lower body equivalent of, “How much ya bench?” when gym-goers size each other up.

Despite being one of the greatest bang-for-your-buck movements for athletes, the back squat is not appropriate for everyone. Most training programs benefit from featuring multiple variations of a movement. Luckily, there are many squat variations, including the front squatZercher squat, and box squat. They all have their place in a training program.


2012 has been one of many milestones for me, from graduating college to moving across the country on my own to falling into a relationship to working my first real job to procuring my first pet that I can call my very own. If I had the time and you had the patience, I would sit here and babble on for a couple thousand words to tell you about everything I’ve gone through and all that I’ve learned.

I’ve also had a lot of screw-ups. I mean a lot. I’m not just talking about in the realm of my fitness career either; I mean in my social and family lives, too. Instead of hanging my head in shame, however, I’m putting a positive spin on all of my failures and viewing them as a learning experience. My dad once told me that even if I were to have the world’s worst boss who very ineffectively runs his business and I see a thousand and one things that can be executed better, I should use my situation as an opportunity to watch, observe his actions, and figure out the one thousand and one ways not to run a business. I’ve adopted that same mindset in my approach to every other ostensibly negative circumstance I find myself in. After all, the learning process never really ends.



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