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I’m laughing as I write this because the irony in what I’ve been doing is too great to ignore. What is it, you ask, that is so ironic? You’ll find out soon enough. Just keep reading.

Anyone who knows me is well aware that not only am I a fitness fanatic, but I’m also a huge psychology geek. At any given time, I’ve got my nose stuck in the next great book on mindset and behavior change. This kind of stuff absolutely fascinates me, and I hope to perhaps one day return to school to become the world’s foremost experts in some little sub-niche of behavioral psychology. (You read that right: it’s not nutrition or biomechanics or physiology I’d go back to school for….)

I recently finished another gem that had me clutching its highlighted, ear-tattered pages tightly to my chest as I looked up to the sky and screamed, “PLEASE, SHAWN ACHOR, TRANSFER ALL OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE INTO MY BRAIN!” Well, not quite. But seriously. I was left impressed, enlightened, inspired – all of those words and more.


“You could be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be someone who hates peaches.” – Dita Von Teese How true. How unabashedly, scathingly true. This was initially going to be a post about my perfectly imperfect diet and how I’m not ashamed of any of my dietary “vices” (eg. Diet Mt. Dew, bacon, McDonald’s vanilla soft serve). But over the past couple of days, I’ve found myself staring blankly at my Evernote app (a must-have, by the way) open on my laptop trying to figure out how to say, in more ways than one, that the perfect diet for you is one that makes room for your food preferences and quirks and still helps you reach your fitness goals. That goes without saying for me and I insist on the same for all of my clients. But I think I already kind of did that here. This point branches out into an issue much greater – one that reaches far beyond the confines of the fitness world. This is a lesson that I’ve had to learn time and time again, as it’s a hard pill to swallow. (more…)

Oh hey. How do you like my new ‘do? A web design update is something I’ve had in mind for a while, so I’m excited it’s finally come to fruition. I met up with a fellow Stanford alum two Fridays ago at a coffee shop in SoHo when I drove down to NYC to visit family for the weekend. What initially started out as a hey-we’re-both-from-Stanford-interested-in-health-and-fitness-let’s-chat! turned into busy banter about the direction I wanted to go in for my business, my thoughts on re-branding, and what I could do to make everything even better. Before I knew it, we’d agreed to meet again the next day. A few clicks here, a transfer from over there, a moment of holy-crap-I-just-deleted-my-entire-blog (umm… whoops?), and 5 hours later, SoheeFit was born. Ta-da! This has exactly what I’ve been wanting: tons of white space, less clutter, a black/grey/burgundy/white color theme, and overall a mobile- and user-friendly format. It’s actually not quite done yet, but I’m pleased with where it’s at for now. I hope you likey.


A perfectly executed pull-up looks crisp and smooth and has been known to induce excessive gawking from onlookers. Besides radiating to-the-bone badassery, this exercise is arguably the ultimate measure of upper body strength.

Think about it: how many folks do you know who can bust out a set of 10 pull-ups with perfect form? What about weighted? People who can do them with perfection, you may have noticed, tend to be leaner and more muscular than the average gym-goer. This is no coincidence.



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