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**WARNING: The following content contains graphic descriptions of eating disorders. My writing is in no way intended to harm or offend any individuals. Please proceed at your own risk. 


Today, I ate a chocolate chip cookie and the world did not end.

It was fluffy, moist, and chewy with just the right number of chocolate chips in there. Granted, if Grandma had made it – or perhaps if they had pulled fresh out of the oven mere minutes prior – my taste buds would have danced a little more. But the cookie had God knows how many calories and it was chock full of fat and carbs and maybe two grams of protein, if that. I couldn’t care less, though. I took a bite, smiled so big everyone could see my chocolate-laden teeth, and then I took another, and then another, and another until that whole cookie made its way into my belly. Then I dusted the crumbs off my laps, stood up calmly, and went on living my life.

I ate a big ass cookie and I lived to tell the tale.

It’s been a relatively quiet month on my blog here. As you know, I’ve only just begin my new job here as a strength coach at Tyler English Fitness. We’ve got some unusual hours that I’m still trying to get used to and I’ve been spending all my free time still trying to put together my furniture and get settled into my new home in the little town of Avon. There have been a lot of changes taking places even within the past few weeks at TEF, and I’ve been running to keep up (surprisingly yes, sometimes even literally).

I’m excited for everything to unfold in the upcoming months. This will mean a whole lot of work for me with only a sprinkling of sleep, but it will be well worth it. I apologize in advance if I’m a little slower than usual with my writing on here, but I’ve made the decision to hit the brakes for a bit to really solidify my foundation of knowledge. When I’m not coaching or training, I’ll be spending my time hittin’ the books so I can come back full force more powerful, more ready, and better equipped to knock your boots right off. Hell yes.

In the meantime, I’ll still be keeping up with social media – so I won’t fall off the face of the e-Fitness Planet by any means. I absolutely refuse to publish any kind of writing that’s not up to par in my eyes, so you can still expect any words I’m spitting out to be just as good as before. You can still reach me at and I’ll do my best to get back to you soon.

Will I still be lifting heavy ass shit and throwing back cow like it’s my job? Yes, I will. Still Tweeting up the wazoo? You bet. I’m not going anywhere – that much I can promise you.



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