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Actually, I burst out laughing when I saw that title. Here’s what’s up:

Hey, that’s me… on the homepage of!


Tick tock, tick tock. It’s been mere minutes since your last meal, yet your stomach is growling.

You’re dieting. What did you expect? That it would be all sunshine and rainbows, that you’d glance at a glazed donut and not feel a flicker of desire, that you’d be bursting with energy at all hours of the day? Well then I have news for you: dieting ain’t easy.

The steps required are straightforward enough. You eat less, move some, and catch your zzz’s. But the simplicity of it all fools you. How many of you have triumphantly embarked on a dieting journey, fully confident that you’d slash away at your back rolls and chomp down on your broccoli, boldly rejecting temptation at every turn, day after day? Your enthusiasm amuses me. And interestingly enough, your overconfidence will likely backfire.


Hey guys,

There really isn’t much of a central topic for this post; this is more of a hodgepodge of things that I wanted to bring up. I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate some of the news that I have into lessons or creative – err, “creative” – poems, so I’ll just lay it out here. So a few notes:


“You girls really need some CrossFit.” Umm, what? “Yeah, your program is severely lacking all the great things that CrossFit could do for you.” I blinked at him, nodded, and walked away. I had better things to do than to instigate an argument that I knew would only lead to frustration.

I’ve noticed something, and I’m sure some of you see this, too. Some fitness icon – a professional, an expert, a guru, or what have you – invents a new concept. CrossFit. LeanGains. Zero cardio. And then all of a sudden, it’s the next big thing. Alas, another fad! Everybody and their mother is doing it, so you should do it, too. Right?


Today’s post is a little different and the idea for it came as I was brainstorming topics the other night. I always enjoy when fitness writers make lists of any kind, so I hope you can appreciate this one. What started out as a simple “25 signs” list quickly morphed into a much more interesting “50 signs” list complete with animated gifs, given that they’re all the rage nowadays.

Just about all of these gifs are from whatshouldwecallme (I’m not nearly creative enough – or skilled enough – to create these on my own), and the reality TV show gifs are from here.


You want more of it. You envy those who appear to possess more than you do. You hope that if you stare at inspirational photos long enough, that of others will seep through your skin and embody you whole.


You curse yourself as you fall for temptation, as you’re lured away from work by procrastination, as you’re once more a victim of your addictions.

This is the last time, you say. I’ll try harder tomorrow, you promise to yourself. Again.

But it just doesn’t work that way.



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